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I felt not as if i were in a blizzard but a torrent of loose webs and flecks of bright white silk suspended by the wind. The power lines and street posts rapped up like giant cocoons spun by an unknow being just beyond the edges of my vision not shown by the lamp light of the polar night. The distant chime of the tram as it drew near its speed equal to that of a snail, I would have not noticed it if it were not for its signal familiar ring as carriage was empty lacking life. Its front lights seemingly broken or off intentionally off as if it were not meant to running at all yet still moving as if the empty car had somewhere to be.

its doors open waiting as if expecting me and the boy. Do we enter?

HI! love the art work and wanted to write a little story/writing snippet for it in the comment if you hate it i can remove it anyways keep up the masterworks!Paw Print .v4 - Black - F2U!