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Rejected concept art to some game
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Really great! I would love to cross these bridges! (:
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I want to be here1
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This great work has been featured in news article [link] :heart: :hug:
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Really fun amazing work
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This is fuckin amazing !
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REJECTED??? whyyyyyy? :O
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now we are searching for a style
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This is beautiful! It's a good reminder, too, that rejection doesn't at all mean something isn't very good. :)
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interessting :)
And nice concept!
But how they can breath there? Is there some kind of atmosphere? :confused:
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I hate Black and White, but this just feels right...I love it!
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Very well done!
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Can't see the force fields surrounding them! What? you didn't install any!? YOU MONSTER!

But srsly, neat work! :)
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REJECTED??? That's insane! The litterary and artistic possabiliteis of a shanty town in deep space on a cluster of asteroids are almost LIMITLESS!!! You got freakin robbed!

This is absolutely gorgeous work!
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That is so cool. I love the lighting choice and the composition. Great stuff!!
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rejected? How can anyone reject this, that's just amazingly stupid.
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really cool concept and the composition is nice too :)
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WOW i would ike to be at such a place! amezing
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feel sorry for them
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How you made the sun that light, its blindening like real sun, people with older monitors are missing a lot
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People will see it well ^^; but u're right, nice effect he get here. IMO it's a 2d image done with color so all rely in painting skill, highest brightness can't overcome the white color. Just technique he so well handle...
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