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Fairy Mischief

This is my entry for :iconmjranum-stock: 's stock contest, detailed here: [link]

I've never actually used stock like this before. It was kind of hard to figure out what to do, 'cause instead of drawing whatever figure in whatever pose I wanted, I had to figure out how to use what figures were available. I finally settled on a fairy type scene, 'cause, well, floating people (I'm quite weak on the conceptual side...)! I did change a few of the poses around, moving arms and legs around mostly.

Here's a quick list of the stock I used here:

Holding the glowy ball: [link]
There were actually three fairy pictures used to make the two blue ones in the picture. In one I liked the pose, in the other I liked where the arms were so I put them together in the bottom left corner:
[link] [link] [link]
In the frilly dress: [link]
Sitting in the bottom right hand corner:
This is stretched out in the background:
This one you can't really see anymore, it was in the right corner:
And here's where the trees come from. It happened to fit perfectly perspective wise after I widened the arch:

Textures from Mayang.
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i wanted to say this is amazing! and to thank you cuz it just helped me solv a delema i was having consernigh fairy wings ^.^
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This is really a nice mix of colors
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Man, I love your colors (again!) and just the amazing overall feel of this. My brain has pretty much checked out for the day but... it's just so ethereal feeling! It's really great!
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Hi, you've been featured in my journal.
You can find your deviation in here: [link]

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...what can i say u out did urself...awesome stuff:D
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lovely colors as well as the composition is well thought of. And the abstract wings.. mm, tasty!

Well done!
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when you take a stock photo do you paint on a trasparent layer on the photo or the photo is only a visual reference for paint on a blank layer...

do you understand my question?

excuse me for the horrible english
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For this picture, I laid out all of the stock images where I wanted them, moved their legs around in some places, put different arms on one person, then traced over everything loosely on a new transparent layer. After that, I hid the layer the stock images were on, and used them as a visual reference after that. :)
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Wow - terrific work! I always know it's great when I'm anxious to check out the rest of someone's gallery! :D
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Wow! That's really awesome!!

Thank you for entering my contest!
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Beautiful colors and it looks very soft! =] Amazing job. :hug:
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Omg omg omg!!! How absolutely marvelous! :clap:
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Hey, I saw the WIP for this on 4chan.

Absolutely gorgeous. I love how instead of the usual 'omgshinee!' that most people do when adding glow in Photoshop, your wings have a dusty texture. It blends into the atmosphere perfectly.
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The textures.

The fucking textures. I am so all over the textures.
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very well done :D love teh colors
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This is lovely. The colors are gorgeous together. ^^
LiluSkitten's avatar
this is truly brilliant! I have to say this is the best one I have seen thus far!

my entry is not that good.. But I know I did my best and I know you did more then yours! hehe

great work and good luck love!!

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Beautiful, darling!
AlexandreaZenne's avatar
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My GOD... How can you not be happy with how this turned out? This is AMAZING.
AlexandreaZenne's avatar
Because I am a perfectionist, and it isn't absolutely perfect. ^^;

Thank you. :D
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