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Autumn Ethereal

The golden autumn leaf, the drops in the morning dew reflecting autumn colors. the leaf is on a rock wich has been slightly darkened after .. All is natural ,thanks for your comments

Thanks for all the comments !!

Samples from my Autumn Work :

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1/3 second
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214 mm
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Oct 16, 2005, 11:38:19 AM
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This is comepletely amazing~! The raindrops fall perfectly showing off the autum leave and its bright ember like color. THe leaf seems to be sitting on a dark patch no backround with draws more effect and mood to the leave! the edges of the leaf arent ripped and its comletely goregous!! im extremely impressed with this peice! the dropplets of water shine showing a magnifying radience of the flowering leaf. The drops support the diffrent arays of color that is shown dark aburns to bright embers and almost a clear look from the water! its amazing and this is my new fav! goregous so impressive!~~
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How to describe this photo other than to say breath taking! The shadows of the rock add to the brilliance of the reflection of light on the water droplets. The impression of the leaf because of the light reflection make it seem metallic. The differences between, the copper, gold, bronze, silver, brown, black, yellow, and white seem to melt together as in a melting pot. It is as if this whole object was poured into a mold with hot metal, yet the silver/white areas almost give it the appearance of ice.

The droplets give magnification to the smaller details of the veins of the leaf. It gives the whole leaf more perspective by the different sizes of water droplets, especially since they didn't combine.

This photo is just so totally awesome, the balance is perfect. It is a very beautiful shot.
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Wow, this is absolutely stunning! I love how the light is reflected and enhanced by the water droplets on the leaf, it's incredibly beautiful. To be honest with you I'm not sure what to critique, but I'll do my best.

This is an unbelievably beautiful picture, and I think that finding moments such as this is something that all photographers are yearning to do. Finding something magical and then sustaining it through photography really sustains a connection between the picture and the viewer, and that is something that is really significant about this capture.

It looks effortless, I must admit. Like you saw this glowing leaf sitting on the ground, bent down and snapped a picture. But I suspect that it was bit more complicated than that. Those water droplets would only have refracted that light at a specific angle, at least, it wouldn't have been so beautiful any other way. The colour (yes, I'm Canadian, eh?) is really impressive because the actual colour of the leaf is more muted than the water droplets. There are so many little details to this that I just want to stare at it for hours.

All of the droplets look good, but I think I should mention that the best ones are the ones that you can see the magnified detail through, not the ones that are so glowing that they're just beads of light. I really like the droplets that have a focal point of light, and it kind of resembles a flare inside the little drop of water. The leaf is really enhanced by its surroundings because the darkness simply draws more attention to the light.

This is absolutely beautiful, and I think that's kind of obvious because you're nearing on 100,000 views on this deviation. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":thumbsup:" title="Thumbs Up" /> You totally deserve it.
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Great thanks for your critique
Indeed it was not that simple, I had to move the leaf to the correct place without removing the drops. and this particular reflection is only possible at a good place yes, with the autumn colors from the tree at the other side of the lake . Lightened with the morning sun.

Unfortunatly I had my old camera with a very bad lens , and made the mistake of shooting at F/29 wich is even more loss of quality.

It's a picture from 2005
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No problem.

Great effort, that's awesome.
Learning process, right?

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Outstanding fabulous
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Amazing!!! If one could make jewelry pieces like that!?! Cool....
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Wow! Incredible shot!
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I walk almost everywhere I go, and over the years I've been deeply impressed by the chaotic, chance beauty of nature. This discarded leaf, one of trillions, is so mundane in itself, but here looks like something a gifted jeweler would confect.
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Beautiful golden drops!
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Stunning photo! :) Nature is indeed surprising and full of wonders!
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Fantastic work, congratulation!!!
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wow, it looks like it's made metal and amber!
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i love it:-)
you capture the beauty of a simple leaf and it's just breathtaking.. ;-)
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This is the most beautiful picture of a leaf I have seen!
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