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Bonjour à toutes et à tous ! Je suis très heureuse de pouvoir vous dévoiler l’interview réalisée par Céline Lippmann aka MaliciaRoseNoire de la chaîne Tête à Calques le mois dernier au Studio Ness :)

J’y évoque pendant une trentaine de minutes de très nombreux sujets, mes débuts, mes collaborations musicales avec Anneke Van Giersbergen et The Gentle Storm, mes réalisations dans le domaine littéraire, avec Arnaud Armant  et Hilda Alonso , mon taf d’illustratrice de couvertures pour Bragelonne, mes projets pour les deux années à venir, et bien évidemment un long passage est consacré au Tarot de la Nuit (Lo Scarabeo) réalisé avec Carole-Anne
Eschenazi !

 Enjoy, et n’oubliez pas de vous abonner à la chaîne ! Et bien évidemment un grand merci à Céline, Le-Meridian, Benjamin et Shanae <3

Hi friends, time for a thirty minutes interview (in french) by French YT channel Tete à calques, where I talk about my career, musical collabs, my artbooks, influences and how it all started (thanks to AshenSorrow ), my projects for the upcoming two years and of course Le Tarot de la Nuit, Enjoy !

My dear friends and watchers !

I hope you're all doing fine !

I have launched my new fanbase on :facebook: and you're all invited to join ! 

Click here ^^

The Lady of Shalott by AlexandraVBach   Scarlet Poison by AlexandraVBach

This fb group's aim is to gather all my supporters and fellow friends so we can have a little place to talk and share about my work, projects, signing sessions and more ! When you join, let me know what you expect about the group, and feel free to ask me any question you may have ! 

Join now ^^ :heart:

Hi friends, to celebrate the opening of my Patreon Page I have launched a pretty nice little giveaway ! Chances of winning are quite big since the page is brand new ^^

This month, you have the opportunity to win a signed A5 ex-libris of Yotika ^^

Make sure to check my page on .:Bullet:. Patreon

Good luck to all of you ! 


Hi friends ! I am so thrilled to let you know that I have joined Patreon, a great place for creators to share their art and build a community ! 
With Facebook and Deviantart being a bit slow at the moment, I feel the need to reconnect with people who truly appreciate and support my art  When joining Patreon, you will have access to all my news, blog posts, HD wallpapers, exclusive new artworks and monthly raffles !

The end of time by AlexandraVBach

Bonjour à tous ! Je suis heureuse de lancer d'ouvrir aujourd'hui ma page sur la communauté Patreon :) 
Avec Fb et Deviantart limitant la portée de mes publications, je m'oriente désormais vers cette plateforme, en espérant que vous m'y suivrez et/ou en profiterez pour découvrir de talentueux créateurs ! J'y proposerai régulièrement des exclus, des concours, des avants/après et bien évidemment mes nouvelles illustrations en avant-première !

Rejoignez moi à cette adresse :

Hi there ! Thanks so much to Catgirldstr11 and Gejda for suggesting and granting a Daily Deviation to my Lady Of Shallott ! I will be focusing more on personal art in the months to come, so let me say this DD is a great motivation and confidence booster ;) 
Thanks for your unconditional support and for appreciating my art ! 


The Lady of Shalott by AlexandraVBach
Hi there ! First of all let me wish you all a happy, merry and creative new year ! I can't believe I'm starting my 15th year on Deviantart :)

For the past three years I have worked like crazy : I have done Le Cabinet de Curiosités artbook, then Le Tarot de la Nuit (a fully illustrated 79 cards tarot deck to be released later this year by Lo Scarabeo srl) and L'Ame de l'Enfer, an illustrated novel that'll be available on the fourteenth of february.
So I have been pretty much involved into long lasting, huge projects that have taken most of my time, and of course let me with only a few possibilities to create personal artwork. Of course, I managed to create a few personal pieces, but far less than what I would have loved to.

Anyway, I start this brand new with a fresh and clear mind, all of my projects are ready to go to the printer, and I feel it's time to go back to personal art, to do what I cherish the most (art, art, art ^^), and also take the time to progress, evolve and try to propose better and better illustrations :) Wish me luck ;)

So I would like to thank you for supporting my latest piece up to date, your constant support for the past 15 years is always so important and meaningful to me ! So stay tuned for upcoming beautiful art, that's why we're all here, aren't we ?

The Lady of Shalott by AlexandraVBach
Hi there ! As usual, at that very time of the year, I'm glad to introduce you to my 2018 calendar !

For 2018, I've chosen to feature Noir Eden on its cover, and of course it includes 12 of my favourite personal artworks ! Check the print if you want to have a closer look at the twelve images :heart:

Alexandra V.Bach 2018 Calendar by AlexandraVBach

Love and light,
Support my art, buy me a coffee ! Buy Me a Coffee at
Hi there ! I feel so grateful to DaniloCosta and Gejda for suggesting and awarding Eidolism with a DD ! I really appreciate all the support :heart:

E I D O L I S M by AlexandraVBach

Actually I am working like crazy on my upcoming graphic novel and Tarot so I don't submit really much over here, but I thought you might like the last two book covers I created for Editions Bragelonne and ActuSF:

Love and light,
I have just found out that Chris Cornell, my favourite singer ever, passed away last night in Detroit.

His music and voice have been constantly by my side for the past 25 years, I am devastated.

Farewell Chris, may you rest in peace.

Soundgarden by ScummyVladDrac
Hi there ! 
I hope you're all foing fine !
First of all I would like to thank you so much for the great feedback on my latest piece, Eidolism, this one was a real challenge to me and I am pleased that you still like my personal artwork that much ! 
E I D O L I S M by AlexandraVBach

I also would like to introduce you to my upcoming illustrated novel, titled L'Ame de l'Enfer and written by my friend, Westley Diguet. Our book will be out in November through Gloriana Editions and I can't wait to have it ! 
Here's the cover, featuring my artwork Hades and Persephone (and big thanks to Lien Skullova for print permission ^^) : 

Then I will have a signing session in my hometown of Bordeaux (Dreamcatchers, Cours de la Marne) on saturday ! All the info is here : [link] 
FR - Je serai en dédicace samedi chez Dream Catchers à Bordeaux, soyez-là ! [link]
Hi there ! I am so thrilled to let you know that I've just been awarded V&S Best book cover award 2016 for Les Filles de l'Orage (french edition of Daughters of the Storm by australian author Kim Wilkins) published through Bragelonne Editions <3 

Les Filles de l'Orage Kim Wilkins by AlexandraVBach

Thanks to you all for your support ! 

Hi there, I am thrilled to let you know about a brand new deviant :iconlondonmontgomery:

London is a digital artist who creates beautiful book covers ! Actually she is collaborating with the same publishing company than me here in France, and I find her work to be really brilliant and promising !

Giver her some love, she needs some new friends and of course your support, that's all Deviantart is all about !

the duty of the princess - PREMADE bookcover by LondonMontgomery  cristobal - Premade Bookcover by LondonMontgomery  Midnight Curse by LondonMontgomery 

Cheers :heart:
Hi there !

Seasons is finally out and available ! 

I am so happy to release this new book, that I entirely designed and wrote (all texts are my own)

If you want to have it, let me know or take a look at my Tictail shop :…


Bonjour à tous et à toutes,

Mon nouvel artbook, Seasons, est désormais disponible !

S'il vous intéresse n'hésitez pas à me contacter ou à vous rendre sur ma boutique Tictail…
*C'est une édition limitée, les derniers exemplaires sont donc disponibles avant épuisement total des stocks d'ici quelques jours *

Merci de votre soutien !
Hi there !!

In a couple of days I will release my third little artbook, titled Seasons ! Of course it's dedicated to my artwork series, and features all of the four artworks you may already know !

Four Seasons : Winter by AlexandraVBach  Four Seasons : Autumn by AlexandraVBach  Four Seasons : Summer by AlexandraVBach  Four Seasons : Spring by AlexandraVBach 

I want to thanks Elandria and Fuchsfee-Stock for allowing such a release !

On friday I will reveal the cover on my facebook page, make sure to follow me to discover it as soon as it's out on :facebook:…

Thanks so much to all of you for your constant support :heart:

Bonjour à tous !

A l’occasion des fêtes de fin d’année, les Editions du Riez vous proposent un pack collector du roman illustré LE CABINET DE CURIOSITÉS écrit par HildaAlonso et illustré par... moi ^^ comprenant de nombreux bonus… une belle idée cadeau ! 

Ce pack collector comprend :

– Le roman illustré de 68 pages
– la carte Alkonost au format A5
– le marque-pages Clockwork Fairy
– une carte au choix : Sirin ou la Belle Endormie (à préciser lors de votre commande)

L’offre est valable du 1er Novembre au 15 Décembre !

N’hésitez pas à en profiter et à partager l’info autour de vous !


Hi there !!

I hope you're all doing fine !! 
I have finally found the time to work on my 2017 calendar, and am happy to introduce it to you !

It features 12 of my favourite artworks and my entire Four Seasons Series ! I hope you'll like it as much as I do !!

Hi there !

I am so happy to let you know that my book Le Cabinet de Curiosités is now available ! My friend Hilda Alonso wrote the beautiful story while I took care of nothing less than 68 pages of artwork. And now after two years of hard work, it's finally here ! My editor sent me some pics yesterday, and I will still have to wait one day or two before receiving my copies (I am so anxious by now ^^) !

Hilda and I also did a signing session of the 140 cards sent along with the preordered books ! 

Thanks so much to all the people who preordered the book !! 

Much love :heart:
Hi there ! I hope you've all had a great summer time !

When it comes to me I have finally found the time to complete my Four Seasons Series, here it is !

Four Seasons : Autumn by AlexandraVBach  Four Seasons : Winter by AlexandraVBach  Four Seasons : Summer by AlexandraVBach  Four Seasons : Spring by AlexandraVBach

A big thank you to my awesome models Elandria AmethystDreams1987 and Fuchsfee-Stock 

In the meantime I am working like crazy on the 18 remaining cards of le Tarot de la Nuit…
Make sure to follow us on fb to have a sneak preview of the upcoming cards !

And my graphic novel Le Cabinet de Curiosités is still available for pre-order :…
Grab it while you can ! Three limited edition prints will come along with your order :)

Cheers :heart:

Hi there ! I am so thrilled to let you know about one of my dreams coming true, which consists into a fully illustrated 78 cards tarot !

Its companion book will be written by French author Carole-Anne Eschenazi , who also wrote the CatTarot (out September 2016)

Published by the leading tarot deck editor in Europe, I can guarantee that it will be ultra awesome ^^

Stay tuned for more infos and previews soon !!

More Info here :…
Hi there ! I am so thrilled to let you know that my first book cover done for Editions Bragelonne is now available !

Bragelonne is France's main publishing company for fantasy books, and am ultra honored to have been picked to illustrate the novel Daughters of the Storm, by australian author Kim Wilkins

I already submitted the artwork into my gallery, and since it's out since last week, many friends have started to send me pictures of the book in libraries, and it feels so nice !!

I also want to thank Jaymasee for her amazing stock picture !!

Les Filles de l'Orage Kim Wilkins by AlexandraVBach 

Be well :heart: