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Well, I have made this one some time ago for a brazilian doom metal band. Their request was to combine the atmospheres of two of my artworks, Mourning Palace and Still Aeons.
Unfortunately the project stopped though I had already done almost all the artwork : so instead of destroying it, I have finished it, and submit it for you to see.

Though it has been unused I love this one for it's serenity and peaceful atmosphere, and I hope you'll like it as well !

Royalty Free Stocks : [link]
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do you sell cd covers taht arent used? or do you make them on commision? how much money if you do ^^ ie how much for this one if its for sale and how much for a new one ^^
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I do both, and this one has also been sold to a french band.
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The house of my dreams!
are you willing to sell it? my band and I are looking for a cd cover...
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I wish I could but I have already sold it to french band Arogath, however feel free to check my gallery for other artwork :)
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Shame it was unused. Looks like a great, atmospheric piece of work. Would have made for a great CD cover, especially for a doom metal band.
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Finally it's been used for french band Arogath :)
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I love this picture, very jane eyre if you know what I mean
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that has to be one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.. I want to live there!!!!!
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"Exile the dying in me to your fortress my love"
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It's very nice :) Although i think it annoys my eyes all the blurriness both in stones, water and church
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I featured this beauty here [link] :love:
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Beautifull Work, I dont know if it would be ok. But may I use this (giving you credit of course!) On my site?
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This is an incredible photo! I was wondering, would it be ok for me to use it on a site of mine? ITs fine if its not...
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very beatiful ... wonderful picture and nicely edited ...
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Realy beautiful! I like it too!
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