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Le Cabinet de Curiosites - The Mermaid

Le Cabinet de Curiosités : I - The Mermaid
Naturalia Collection

A few months ago, I visited a beautiful private collection of Dunrobin Castle… which reminded me of those precious Cabinets de Curiosités, made to display strange and bizarre objects as well as relics, stones, shells and more…
Since then I had the idea of creating my little own, and finally did it thanks to :

Stocks : almudena-stock GinAngieLa MarcelaBolivar rustymermaid-stock GeneralVyse gd08 
Mermaid tail created thanks to : Mermaid Tail 07 (Black Koi)

Check the series here :

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"Break the glass?" he repeated with a gasp."But that might...I can't..."

"PLEASE!"The siren begged as she stared deeply into the man's eyes. "You have no idea how long I've been in I've suffered.

Nodding and with a tender hand he lifted up the jar.

Hands over her heart she smiled back at him mouthing: Thank you, thank you.

He hesitated for a moment.

His lower lip trembled.

Then it came.

The plunge.

That terrible moment of weightlessness...

then down, down, down she went as the cold hard marble floor came rushing up to meet her...

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He had been staring at her.

Staring indirectly, for more than an hour.

At first it merely annoyed her.

Over time that feeling turned, changed as an anger, a rage took its place.

Soon impatience mixed with a healthy amount of sorrow took over and she cried out:


This was not the first time she had shouted at those who gawked at her.

She had done so countless times, over and over again, but the curse always kept her tormented cries from being heard.

But this time the young man very nearly leapt into the air staring at her with wide eyes.

The young siren gasped as her heart jumped within her.

" can...see me?" she asked, fighting back tears.

He nodded his lips parted.

"I'M A PRISONER!" She exclaimed sobbing, her hand pressed against the glass. "Cursed...trapped! me!"

She watched as he knelt down until his gaze was level with her.

"Tell me what to do..."

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To all eyes that fell upon her she was invisible. Worse still the enchantment, the curse upon the old glass jar closed their eyes, blinded them to her true nature. All they saw was the perfectly corpse of a fish long since dead.

Her captor alone knew the truth and it was she who meant for her to suffer.

Suffer the wrath of her lonliness and utter isolation.

Cursed to never suffer hunger of thirst.

Cursed so that the well of her despair would never run dry.

To feel the pain of all eyes who gazed upon with with revulsion and disgust.

For before her capture she was a queen. A hero and revered figure among her people.

A radiant beauty among the merfolk.

Her golden locks shore and clinging as though with affection to her innocent tortured head.

To her chest she brought her knees. Wrapped in shimmering scales any who saw might believe that jewels were in fact embeded into the scaled flesh of her tail. Upon a withered fragment of a dead tree she sat.

The radiant glow of her angelic femininity radiated from her flawless figure and from the depths of her tender heart.

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So gorgeous and mind-boggling, well done <3 I love little curiousities but you see ones like those fake fiji mermaids and you think, "someone had to kill a monkey to do this"... how much worse to kill an actual mermaid. But finding one, as an outsider, its like an echo of some bit of magic left in the world, it is inspiring but sad. "Have we taken too much?" you think. Anyhow gorgeous picture <3

It's unbelievable to me that someone has the talent to make this kind of image. Amazing

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Great Artwork <3

could you please send me the model pic link <3

Keep good work <3

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Outstanding work
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Preciosa galeria
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This reminds me of a story on Audible called "The Mermaid's Sister." It has a moment where a mermaid is captured and continues to grow smaaaaller and smaller, and her encapsulated vessel decreases in size to go with her. Beautiful story, and a beautiful painting. ♥♥
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Thanks, I didnt know the story at all, but it's beautiful and really fits my image :heart:
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The ideas and the detail in this piece are amazing, it's so complex and beautiful Bloody Heart Bullet 
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awesome idea!
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very good works . i pleasure to see your works . please check my works and say your idea about my works
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