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Bouton d'Or

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SoulDuals's avatar
this is so cute
krukof2's avatar
Purement magique :blush:
ZuzuTurkova's avatar
Great notion! :) I love it :) So simple, so beautiful...
phydeau's avatar
Nice concept.  :)
CreatureCreate's avatar
Gives off a strange vibe. O.o
Mr-skylineR34's avatar
Hmmm interesting..  Nice photography
BetweenAsleepAndWake's avatar
Trés romantique je trouve :heart:
ChIandra4U's avatar
word-s-myth's avatar
Tout à fait charmant et printanier :-)
themexicanduck's avatar
FanArtistik's avatar
That is a precious picture. Nice idea, nice capture.
SHEOG0RATH's avatar
belle idée, belle exécution :-)
LinaSaks's avatar
Oh, how nice! It is amazing in its simplicity and genius picture!
JoergJohannMueller's avatar
Wonderful idea. Beautiful little flower.
It has been a very long time since a lady presented me with a pretty flower - thank you!
Haupia's avatar
I saw this on Instagram and for some strange reason, thought this was an actual flower (despite seeing the skin).. oops! Beautifully done!
bluestar28's avatar

This should have a mature tag on it. It seems though that you believe you are exempt from the rules. But it is incredibly disrespectful to me and others who come to this site expecting to be given the choice of whether or not we want to see things like this that you decide you have the right to make that choice for us. In the future please remember to use common courtesy as a guide when you submit your art. Thank you.

g0thg1rl's avatar
That was horribly rude. You have no proof that they didn't mean to put a mature tag on it, or if they made a simple mistake. 
You don't have to be so arrogant about the subject matter. 
You don't exactly enforce the rules, either, so you don't really need to comment something so rude. 
BladeBites's avatar
That was a very rude way to say that. It's extremely arrogant to reprimand someone based entirely off of assumptions. 
You could simply notify the artist in a polite manner. There was no need to be so condescending.
AlexandraSophie's avatar
Or maybe I posted it from my phone and didn't find the mature tag! My ego is not that big, thank you for your concern about it. By the way, while it's very mysterious to me, sorry if this has schoked you. Looks like it's very subjective.
MissUmlaut's avatar
I totally fail to see anything shocking there. I feel very sorry for the poor girl that can be hurted by this(or think others can be).
This is so fresh and cute and lovely...Considering it the for "spring" contest ?
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