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Rapunzel portrait

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Warm-up for my next commission. I've been asked to draw Rapunzel for *Minato-Kushina, but I wanted to try drawing her first as practice before the real thing. Not only that, I also wanted to try using Corel Painter 11 and it's been a bit awkward for me as I'm too used to Photoshop.

It's been a long time since I last drew anything Disney related, despite how much I love their animated movies.

Anyway, I want you guys to critique this to your hearts content. I know her face has issues, especially the eyes. But if there's anything I need to improve, please tell me so.
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A nice, vibrant work of art. Your color scheme was well executed, and the expression is as golden as her ever-flowing hair.

One piece of advice that I want to give to you though is taking your elegance to the next level. Compared to the curves of her eyelashes and buff shoulder blades, you could work a little more with it on the sides of her hair and the stiffness of her exposed neck line.. when showing cleavage, that too could use a bit more elegance (though I want to be careful on saying that because I don't know what age group you're depicting here).

And as *sokabe said, don't be afraid to experiment with a much more varied palette. If you want to aim for more realistic features, work on setting colors that compliment one another, and blend them in. Transitional styles can make the best kind of appearances - it can lead up to looking 3D on the computer. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>

Good luck - I hope my words were helpful to you.
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Thank you very much for your input! I'll definitely take it into account. :hug:
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No problem, sweetheart. Good luck. :heart:
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I LOVE IT! The colors, the texture... EVERYTHING!
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afffdfdf textwaaaaaallincomiiiiingggggggggnnnnnnh

Okay, primero lo corregible xD. Creo que de hecho los ojos estan muy bien, talves hacer las pestanas de arriba y abajo mas gruesas, pero no es tan malo. La nariz es mejor solo pintar la punta, y el resto tratar de no sombrearlo tan fuerte, sino hacerlo suave, asi se ve menos dura, la boca no me agrada mucho pero ah si no se como arreglarle e.e igual creo que esta bien xD

Los colores estan bellos, coloreas muy bonito en realidad, los detalles de la ropa estan hermosos, pero tiene los hombros y en parte el cuerpo muy pequeños en comparacion en la cabeza, eso nada mas de tener mas cuidado para la proxima :)

Espero que encuentres algo de eso que dije de ayuda xD. Mucho exito en tus proximos proyectos ^^
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Muchísimas gracias! Lo tomaré en cuenta. Pura vida! :D
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I love that movie.
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It's a great movie.

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It really is.

You're welcome
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Aww, she looks so cute in your style. Very nicely done. :D That grin is fantastic. :nod:
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You're welcome! :)
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So cute! :D I love the colours :)
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I really like how you color and how you give much details, especially to the shades on her hair strands and her right shoulder. I think the background is well shaded as well.

For a crit, I think you should try to blend the shades on some areas more naturally. The shadows in her nose, her left cheek and neck doesn't seem to blend well with base color and appears sharp. Try using different brushes along the edges of the shadows :)
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Thanks for the advice, I'll try it next time. :D
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La manera en que sombreaste el vestido y el muy detallado cabello son genials. Lo único que si se vé medio raro es la nariz, pero inclusive yo tengo problemas con ellas... :paranoid:
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Yo creo que es la combinación de nariz y ojos que la hace verse rara... más bien como psicótica. XD
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I love how you shaded her hair and clothes. :D
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Wow, what big expressive eyes! :) You can know her thoughts from them! ;) And her golden hair matches with the blue background.

Good luck, my dear! Thank you for everything! :hug:
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No problem! I'll have your commission as soon as I can. I promise it'll be much better than this warming-up piece.
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The grin looks creepy. Knowing her, she might be plotting something >_>
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