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Secrets and Confession 2

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16"x20" oil on canvas, © Alexandra Manukyan

Equal parts sinner and saint she has known both mankind's highest ideals and basest scorn. He gazes upon his confessor in search of absolution knowing that true salvation lies not with Heaven's mercy but with a kindred acceptance of his secrets and failings from someone who has also fallen from grace time and again.
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© 2012 - 2021 alexandramanukyan
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but what could one of honest heart and wicked views take one of fallen grace? Could another fallen really understand? Or is just that the fallen has chosen to understand the world seen through her own gaze, through her own her crimson stained glass? The future is seen through many minds, but how do you find the right mind, the right future?
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incredible!!! Wow your description of this painting is so spot on- i just also realized that is a huge part of all my friendships- true salvation lies not with heaven's mercy but with a kindred acceptance of secrets and failings from someone who has also fallen from grace time and again.  word!
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Thank you! Greatly appreciate it!
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I can't have enough of your work, the old world feeling of oil on canvas, yet the contemporary twist, and the play between the shadows/light, and a strong statement!!
Amazingly talented..I simply adore every single piece!! :heart: Striking..surreal, and thought provoking!!
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Greatly appreciate your kind words. :)
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O_O so perfect!... I want to know, ever use models? :O
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Very good!!! n_n
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oh... my... God... O_O I'ts awesome!!
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Your work has been featured here ----> [link]
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Thank you dear Katerina. :)
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A very well done portrait with a fascinating foundation for the theme. Entirely compelling to consider this concept that true, meaningful absolution can only be attained in confessing and asking for justice in the hands of one who has experiences the same. Follows very much with the purist concept of secular modern justice systems where you are to be judge by jury of your peers. Only here, taken to the literal limit. They never seat a jury of murderers or thieves to judge an accused murderer of their; but it appears entirely possible by the look the good sister is giving that there is not one damn thing the lad can confess that she has not done. i wonder if she assess "do as i say and not as i do" sentences upon conviction.
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Really appreciate your comment, :)
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Dear alexandra manukyan
Your wonderful Artwork is featured
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you are Most welcome!!! ...:heart:
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You know, I really like and appreciate your images. Always a pleasure to watch them. Greetings. :)
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Greatly appreciate it. :)
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