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“A Rebel Romance”, 30"x30", oil on canvas

The perpetual dance of would be lovers continues without pause. Her coy aloofness only incites him to ardently pursue the long awaited object of his dreams and desires. And yet, what does it matter if he only manages to attain physical fulfillment while she callously disregards his worthiness in the final judgment of the heart.
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Very dynamic, great job on the posing!
XGinaTonicX's avatar
It's beautiful! And I love the title of this painting! :-)
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really amazing piece of art
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Thank you all for your positive comments. :)
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This is so amazing! Very good work!
untuox's avatar
Amazing work.
Ravens-Eye-Studio's avatar
I love the feeling of tension in this. Very well done.
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Your flesh tints are masterfully done, do you build up layers to get such a realistic 'glow'? The foreshortened knee on the woman is so skillfully done. Pure excellence. :O
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Yes, I do underpainting, then two layers of paint, and then couple of layers of glazes. :)
eastcorkpainter's avatar
It definitely shows! Outstanding technique!
A-D-McGowan's avatar
beautiful, elegant, inspiring work
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This is so amazing! Wonderful composition!
I am an art collector and a lot of your paintings are near of the perfection like Raipun, Jialu,Degas74,Dorianvincent,J-P Leclercq,Sericat and others.My english is not very good but i love the traditional artists.Affection.
alexandramanukyan's avatar
Greatly appreciate it. :)
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utterly stunning
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