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Lady Problems



Reblog on Tumblr [link] . You may download and post on other sites as long as you credit me (Alexandra Dal), link back to my deviantART or Tumblr (my watermark doesn't count) and do not alter it.

You feeling me, ladies?

Mechanical pencil on vellum, scanned and colored in Photoshop CS5.

P.S. Nobody cares if you don't/rarely wear makeup. Good for you. Typical comment: "I only use 100% organic, natural beeswax on my lips to protect from wind burn and chapping. I collect the wax from the bee colony on my farm and sell it on Etsy. I squeeze some ripe berries and rub the juice on my cheeks for a nice, natural-looking flush and I'm good to go! I don't need makeup to feel good about myself! I have nothing to hide!"

Edit: Sheesh, people. My two cents on the makeup debate on Reddit and other sites: [link] Also, she's frowning because she's being insulted. Duh.
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Haha, I've seen this memed and finally found the source!

(I still advocate for no makeup. It wouldn't look so weird if it weren't so uncommon.)