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Lady Problems

Reblog on Tumblr [link] . You may download and post on other sites as long as you credit me (Alexandra Dal), link back to my deviantART or Tumblr (my watermark doesn't count) and do not alter it.

You feeling me, ladies?

Mechanical pencil on vellum, scanned and colored in Photoshop CS5.

P.S. Nobody cares if you don't/rarely wear makeup. Good for you. Typical comment: "I only use 100% organic, natural beeswax on my lips to protect from wind burn and chapping. I collect the wax from the bee colony on my farm and sell it on Etsy. I squeeze some ripe berries and rub the juice on my cheeks for a nice, natural-looking flush and I'm good to go! I don't need makeup to feel good about myself! I have nothing to hide!"

Edit: Sheesh, people. My two cents on the makeup debate on Reddit and other sites: [link] Also, she's frowning because she's being insulted. Duh.
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Haha, I've seen this memed and finally found the source!

(I still advocate for no makeup. It wouldn't look so weird if it weren't so uncommon.)
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Haha that's so true! xD
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I know that if a person always wears makeup, all the time, then they will look a bit weird without it. Same goes if you never wear makeup and one day suddenly decide to put on a full face of it.
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I thought she was frowning because she just got up. It's the same squinty "leave me alone, puny mortal" look I give people when I wake up. =)
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if you're a dude and you're ugly you're just plain fucked
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Boys can wear makeup.
Pyrosaitan1's avatar
you're a funny one
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I'm a boy, and I wear makeup? Is there something wrong with looking good?
Pyrosaitan1's avatar
looking good like a faggot maybe
oh wait that word is a "trigger word" for deviants and tumblists
Pyrosaitan1's avatar
how do i express that tumblr and feminism has ruined the term "trigger word" for anyone trying to use it seriously... or that i could care less about what someone who refuses to take legal loopy pills and then wonder why i think they're fucking irritating for being so damn mopy...
regardless though, the whole thing about men wearing makeup being kinda gay, i still stand by, regardless of strikes against my account
sebastianmiqhaelis's avatar
Ew, you are gross.
By the way, trigger words send abuse and trauma victims into panic attacks and such. Way to be an asshole to those victims. 
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Btw I'm also on the EXACT SAME BOAT AS YOU. I read your link.
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Yea I know those feels all too well. I'm just up for looking good from all categories. Makeup or not lol Looking good is looking good.
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My wife pretty much never wears makeup because we can't afford it  so I didn't realize for a long time how much people think women need makeup! Laci Green (sp?) on youtube made me realize that it is hard to be a woman in that respect (already knew it was hard for other reasons) but yea.. what I'm trying to say is women should not be made to feel like they NEED makeup to go out.. I mean there should always be a choice to but it seems that allot of women feel that they can't just go somewhere with no makeup on.
It is probably a little easier for my wife to go without makeup because her lips are very full and red so it already looks like she is wearing lipstick and people think she is lying when she says she isn't wearing any.. but that is beside the point.
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Lol And this is why I wear no make-up!!! XD
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This is a problem that was going on even in Shakespeare's time.
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This actually happened to me.
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Wow. There's always a group of people putting others down. Geeze guys.:/ some people are super thin because the pressure they feel from society and some are just built to be skinny. Some people are just built bigger too. And who gives a shit what men want?! Be what you want whatever that is. Stop putting other people down! You guys are ridiculous. 
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While I personally don't usually wear any makeup (except for special events) I respect those who do. It honestly depends on the person; some are more suited for makeup, some are not. The point is, I don't it matters. You can have your preferences, but you shouldn't think any less of those that go against them. 
To some, makeup lets them express their creativity, and makes them feel confident.
To some, makeup feels fake and awkward; they feel like they can't do anything without ruining it, and that its constricting.
I think its okay to do what you want, as long as YOU are comfortable with it, and you are not being pressured into anything.
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I've seen this before of Facebook, but there was no credit to you, nice to finally know where it came from (:
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people just think everybody could and SHOULD (?) comment on what women do/wear/say/...

If somebody is thin, they say they should gain weight.
if they are 'fat' they should lose weight.
ManeatingCouch's avatar
You act as if it's a fine line.
Men don't actually like ultra thin women, anyway. Evolutionarily, it's unattractive. 
Thin women don't produce babies, and the lineage does not continue.
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