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Fat Chicks Can't Cosplay

Posted on Tumblr here: [link]
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Very true! Whenever a girl even does so much as wears a shirt of a character she likes, everybody's on her like "FAKE GEEK GIRL!!! YOU PROBABLY DON'T EVEN KNOW (insert useless information or trivia about said character here)!!!"
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Is that Bobby as Kratos?
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OMG! This us soooo true and beyond hilarious Alexandra.
And to everyone else she is not "personally" insulting anyone demographic, she's merely illustrating an interesting and humorous observation that she gas made in her own real life...basically she is pointing out: no one has the right to outright judge someone for the exact same thing that they themselves is guilty of; example the two guys shouldn't be talking, because the same can be said of them...although overall, of course, it us a free country and anyine can do whatever they want regardless. Thats all. It is not meant ti be raken as a personal insult. Its supposed to be funny.
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yes, because as we all know, only fat and ugly people can be nerds, right?
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The God of Smores :D
And Rollverine :)
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your comics seriously give me life
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This can go both ways for both genders. Nobody needs to compare genders and say shit like, "Men are just pigs who think that women have to be perfect sex objects!" Guys can be humiliated too so stfu.
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I'm short and fat and have my dad's shoulders, and I felt this way about my Halloween cosplays of the Guardian of Metal from Brutal Legend, because he's wiry and skinny and reeeally tall and also male... But I quickly stopped caring when Halloween night came around. I had so much fun doing my impression of him!
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The guy Cosplaying as Kratos looks like Bobby Hill. lol.
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oooh the irony XD
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This is awesome!
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This is awesome!
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I've actually seen two morbidly obese otaku guys rip on two semi-chubby girls who weren't even fat that cospalyed chobits characters and they basically said "Oh cosplayers ruin everything." Like really? Wow. I've actually seen this hypocrisy in action at actual cons. 
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Good one ^^
Its also not easy to find the "right" cosplay. I thought about going as Lucy from fairy tail, she has a cute, but strong personality and loves books as much as I do. But then, when I was talking to a guy the con before, he was like "no boobs, no lucy-cosplay" :<
In the end I didnt cosplay her :/
Correct, and neither can fat guys...or skinny guys.

But skinny girls can so this whole misogyny-accusation is just silly when in reality it's more misandrist than misogynistic.
I think your imagine has it the wrong way around. Women are far more likely to criticize about appearance. And males, nerds the original outcasts of society, the inventers of comicon and primary initial cosplayers, un-adonis-eque themselves, are very accepting people. 

I originally thought this image was inspired by… which it imay be, fortunately your gender agenda on this image is not supported by the authors experience. In fact common sense should tell you If anyone is doing the catty bitchy comments its women. It's a shame about the obvious bigotry as I like the Mike Judge style of this image.
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On the contrary, if I ran a con and somebody showed up as Fat Wolverine, I'd turn him away.
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Oh God, Wolverine XD
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Reminds me of guys I know. Ugly as fuck, but so shallow that they'll turn their nose up at a cute girl if she's a little bit chubby. 
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Great job :)

So true guys who are chubby/fat or skinny will play off thier "fail" as funny but girls get these looks like "how dare she!"

At the end of the day, cosplay is just for fun, lets not make it into "who looks most like my fantasy version of my fav character?"

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