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I love this little guy! Who else was surprised when he started talking? 

Inspired/referenced from Zootopia concept art. 

Created with ink pens and Photoshop. 

Submission for :iconfoxytales: contest! 
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I’d still hug him despite the risk.
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He'd probably just grimace and wave his tiny arms around helplessly while you squeezed him. The benefits far outweigh the risks.

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I was really surprised. It was funny, though! :D
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I certainly was surprised! One of my favorite background characters. Glad someone drew him!
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This guy is awesome. A small guy with a large attitude.
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"Surprised" doesn't really do it justice. I was laughing tears xD
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OMG! He looks cute!
Finnick: Stop calling me cute!
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Great style, really like this piece of Finnick
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I knew what he was when he first appeared on screen. But I was like... WHAT
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Such a loveable grump~
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"You kiss me tomorrow, I'll bite your FACE OFF!" :XD:
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*puts on shades* chiou *drives away*
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(Hardcore hip-hop music plays) :XD:
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I wasn't that surprised by his voice, but I thought it was funny!
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I love how grumpy he looks in this picture. It truly expresses his personality.
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I was and I was more surprised by who provided his voice. :D

I wonder if somebody called him 'cute' one too many times, judging by his expression? :D

Terrific job. :-)
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uhhuhuh, awesome one, X3
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He looks like he ran out of "fox" to give.
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HA HA HA HA seriously......leave......and take your pun with you.
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Do you work for Disney, by chance?

Awesome Finnick drawing!

And yeah.  I was surprised when he started talking.  I know Fennec foxes are small but Finnick looked so child-like, in his eyes while he was pretending to be Nick's son.  I knew he wasn't Nick's child, from the start, but I thought that he still might be a child, one who was co-conspiring with Nick.
But nope!  He's full-grown deep-voiced fennec with attitude!

Excellent drawing.  :clap:
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Hahaha! Aww, thank you so much! You're so kind. :D 

It was unclear from the beginning who Finnick was, or what his relation to Nick was… frankly, I don't think Finnick's name was even mentioned in the entire movie. 

One question I have: is Disney accepting high school students? ;) (Wink) 
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He's pissed off about not getting enough screen-time.
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Haha he's too adorable >w<
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Looks awesome, you've really captured his character! I love all the textures.
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