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May 1, 2008
The Play of Light and Colour by *alexandrabirchmore is an amazing work, it captures traditional art in a digital form, breathtaking!
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The Play of Light and Colour

This was a bit of a stretch for me. I usually tend to draw the dark low saturation pictures with a burst of bright colour somewhere to draw the eye, never cuckoo-crazy-all-over-the-place bright colours, that's just scary! D:

:EDIT: Omigod! I gotta DD!!! :noes:!

:EDIT EDIT:: =P a couple of people asked for a desktop sized version so…
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We're an art manufacturing company and are in need of watercolor and acrylic illustrations of animals, landscapes, florals...
If they are done in procreate or Photoshop they must have textures to make it seem traditionally hand painted.

We pay $15-$20 per piece with FULL rights to it. 

They must be scanned at a minimum of 8.5x11 300dpi

If you are interested please email me, I'll give you more feedback on what we need. 
Examples of artwork here:…
KaylaNBrown's avatar
I will never stop loving this piece. Heart 
Marcynuk's avatar
Absolutely stunning work!
logregor's avatar
This is totally Awesome!
wolfgirl4565's avatar
this is perfect it has a sense of grace and beauty and is mystical I love it soo much
Samili's avatar
The use of white and the rainbow of colors is amazing.
northshoreshells's avatar
Magical use of color, bravo!!
Mayiaaa's avatar
Waw, the colours are incredibles ! good job !
Timmerary's avatar
Freakin Gorgeous!!!
Pyrosynthesist's avatar
This is beyond beautiful D:
Storm-Aurastar's avatar
Love the coloring here! :D
Bookfreak25's avatar
I Love this really Beautiful :)
blumoomoo4's avatar
This is my alltime fav
Teigr-Intergalactic's avatar
This is just... stunningly gorgeous!
Skkon's avatar
Do you have any idea how amazing this is? -takes her by the shoulders and shakes her- DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW AMAZING THIS IS?! Well, it is. ^w^
AreoBleu's avatar
I love how you didn't make the differences in colour look like something that the artist decided to do sparatically, the colours flow, and that makes it all the more amazing! <3
JuliaTheBrony's avatar
rbernet's avatar
Your desktop version doesn't link correctly anymore. :(
This is still one of my all time favs on DA. :D
Ileva21's avatar
can I use it for reference for a drawing? I use it only for practice, i promise you,! It's one that the best drawing I see never! =3
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RainyDayFun's avatar
How on earth was this not in my favorites?!

Corrected. :+fav:
WhyteHawke's avatar
WOW. This is beautiful!!! Great job with the colors and everything!
I'm not surprised that this got a DD!
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