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Request Commission
So, I'm no longer going to make free requests. If you want to do a request, you have to pay 30 points for one request. So, here are the rules for commissioning me:

1. In your donation comment, type your request in there so I can have a record what you want me to draw.

2. No NSFW stuff and fetishes. If you donate points for another commission, I will give it back to you.

3. You can only have a limit of one commission. I will not be doing anymore commissions after I finish it. Donating points for another will be refunded.

4. After I complete your request, there will be no refunds because I'm not sure if I can refund it back (But eventually, if I have a continuous flow of points, I will change this rule).

5. If your commission is involved with My Little Pony, Thomas the Tank Engine, any Nickelodeon TV Shows, critically panned movies/shows, games exclusive to the Playstation/Xbox brands (excluding Banjo-Kazooie), critically panned games, and/or mature shows, I will refund your points back to you. I am not going to do any of that stuff.

6. If you use a secondary account to request another commission, I will give back your points. Using secondary accounts to make me do more commissions for you is strictly prohibited.

7. For anyone who requested me to do a request before I posted this commission, you may get a second one, but you have to pay 30 points.

8. The rules will be subject to change. For example, if you gave me a commission to do a MLP commission before I banned MLP commissions, it will still be posted.

9. Commissions will take a very long time to make and post. Please be patient after you have commissioned me.

10. I will not draw landscapes or anything very complex (excluding trains). This rule, however, depending if there will be improvement on my drawing skills, will be subject to change.

And there are the rules! Now, please be wise with what you want to commission me. Have a great day/night!

Newest Deviations

Foundation Date: 450 Before the War to Take Back the Planet (BTWBP)
Dissolution Date: 75 BWTBP
Capital: Empire City
Largest City: Station Square
Official Language(s): None
Government: Federal Constitutional Congressional Republic
Currency: Cook Dollar (nicknamed "Cookies")
Flag Information: The Washingtonilan Banner has four red and two white stripes, representing the six original colonies who joined under the Colonial Legislature. The six of the 10 stars surrounding the central star also representing these colonies, who along with the four other territories later amalgamated became "realms" into the Washingtonilia Union. The white circle of the banner represents everlasting unity between the government and the realms, which the government is represented as the seven-pointed star.
History: Washingtonilia was founded by disgruntled colonists whom wanted unity and sovereignty from the different countries later part of the Frangistan Union due to their parent countr
:iconalexandnintendo2:AlexandNintendo2 3 2
NINCOMPOOP Corporate Group Train Class. Sheet
Note: Kilometers are rounded.
"α" (Alpha) Class: 20 mph (32 kph) to 39 mph (63 kph), maximum speed below 20 mph goes in this class
"β" (Beta) Class: 40 mph (64 kph) to 59 mph (95 kph)
"γ" (Gamma) Class: 60 mph (97 kph) to 79 mph (127 kph)
"δ" (Delta) Class: 80 mph (129 kph) to 99 mph (159 kph)
"ε" (Epsilon) Class: 100 mph (161 kph) to 119 mph (191 kph)
"ζ" (Zeta) Class: 120 mph (193 kph) to 139 mph (224 kph)
"η" (Eta) Class: 140 mph (225 kph) to 159 mph (256 kph)
"θ" (Theta) Class: 160 mph (257 kph) to 179 mph (288 kph)
"ι" (Iota) Class: 180 mph (290 kph) to 199 mph (320 kph)
"κ" (Kappa) Class: 200 mph (322 kph) to 219 mph (352 kph)
"λ" (Lambda) Class: 220 mph (354 kph) to 239 mph (385 kph)
"μ" (Mu) Class: 240 mph (386 kph) to 259 mph (417 kph)
"ν" (Nu) Class: 260 mph (418 kph) to 279 mph (449 kph)
"ξ" (Xi) Class: 280 mph (451 kph) to 299 mph (481 kph)
"ο" (Omicron) Class: 300 mph (483 kph) to 319 mph (51
:iconalexandnintendo2:AlexandNintendo2 1 0
Work in Progress C.S.S. Inspection Locomotive 1337 by AlexandNintendo2 Work in Progress C.S.S. Inspection Locomotive 1337 :iconalexandnintendo2:AlexandNintendo2 2 0
My Canonical Year Counting (IDW Publishing)
History of the Sonic the Hedgehog IDW Publishing Comics Universe (THIS LIST WILL UPDATE):
???? BWTBP: The Chaos Emeralds were discovered
???? BWTBP: The Black Comet enters the Solar System
19,091 BWTBP: The Time of Awakening occurred, beginning the Era of Recovery by Humans and Mobians who survived this event, with both species fighting each other for resources, food, only for Humans to settle in land which is now present-day Affris. This begins the Age of Turmoil with the Earth not recovering until a few thousand years, historical evidence is lackluster to how Humans and Mobians lived through this period
10,000 BWTBP: The Age of Turmoil has ended, beginning the Age of Exploration for Mobians only, in which it is unknown how they colonized each continent
8,050 BWTBP (Considering this Non-Canonical, in the case the Master Sword returns to this canonicity): The Master Sword had been transported from the Adult Timeline of the Zelda Universe (after the events of the Legend of
:iconalexandnintendo2:AlexandNintendo2 1 6
Master Sword Concepts (Sonic X and after Zelda II) by AlexandNintendo2 Master Sword Concepts (Sonic X and after Zelda II) :iconalexandnintendo2:AlexandNintendo2 4 0 Some Old Train Stuff by AlexandNintendo2 Some Old Train Stuff :iconalexandnintendo2:AlexandNintendo2 1 0 Mobian Master Sword (Old Reference) by AlexandNintendo2 Mobian Master Sword (Old Reference) :iconalexandnintendo2:AlexandNintendo2 4 0 Sonic the Hedgehog by AlexandNintendo2 Sonic the Hedgehog :iconalexandnintendo2:AlexandNintendo2 5 0 Master Dagger by AlexandNintendo2 Master Dagger :iconalexandnintendo2:AlexandNintendo2 2 0 Master Sword (Redesigned Link to the Past Style) by AlexandNintendo2 Master Sword (Redesigned Link to the Past Style) :iconalexandnintendo2:AlexandNintendo2 4 0 A Meme by AlexandNintendo2 A Meme :iconalexandnintendo2:AlexandNintendo2 1 0 Master Sword (IDW Publishing Canon, maybe) by AlexandNintendo2 Master Sword (IDW Publishing Canon, maybe) :iconalexandnintendo2:AlexandNintendo2 7 2 A Wiener Pupper by AlexandNintendo2 A Wiener Pupper :iconalexandnintendo2:AlexandNintendo2 4 3 Old Fursona Gear by AlexandNintendo2 Old Fursona Gear :iconalexandnintendo2:AlexandNintendo2 5 0 Oldest Pupper by AlexandNintendo2 Oldest Pupper :iconalexandnintendo2:AlexandNintendo2 4 0 Atlantic spotted dolphin (20 pts, pls read rules) by AlexandNintendo2 Atlantic spotted dolphin (20 pts, pls read rules) :iconalexandnintendo2:AlexandNintendo2 3 0
Some old art, some new art!


OCC: Axel by chibiirose OCC: Axel :iconchibiirose:chibiirose 28 0 OCC: Kathy by chibiirose OCC: Kathy :iconchibiirose:chibiirose 33 0 Flower porcupine and Music robot  by Hall2839 Flower porcupine and Music robot :iconhall2839:Hall2839 4 4 Com 2 by UltraPixelSonic Com 2 :iconultrapixelsonic:UltraPixelSonic 5 0 On the sea by Pajunen On the sea :iconpajunen:Pajunen 160 14 chronica new design by QuiickyFoxy chronica new design :iconquiickyfoxy:QuiickyFoxy 44 23 STUDIOPOLIS ZONE! by Lallelol STUDIOPOLIS ZONE! :iconlallelol:Lallelol 40 5 Vanish by Baltic-the-144 Vanish :iconbaltic-the-144:Baltic-the-144 15 3 Sega Heroes by SlySonic Sega Heroes :iconslysonic:SlySonic 26 1 Josie Chilling 13 by Sega-Chan Josie Chilling 13 :iconsega-chan:Sega-Chan 4 2 Miles Chilling 27 by Sega-Chan Miles Chilling 27 :iconsega-chan:Sega-Chan 3 2 Miles Chilling 28 by Sega-Chan Miles Chilling 28 :iconsega-chan:Sega-Chan 3 2 Bear Smiling by Sega-Chan Bear Smiling :iconsega-chan:Sega-Chan 5 2 Bunnies by Vaynoo Bunnies :iconvaynoo:Vaynoo 22 14 Adopt A by ArtsySiege Adopt A :iconartsysiege:ArtsySiege 28 1


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Journal History


Hey, for those Sonic Archie Comics fans out there, I was thinking of developing a fan project involving with the comics before the Super Genesis Wave with explaining more in detail the origins of the Mobians, how the surviving humans lived before the First Day of Fury, and etc. I just want your opinions on if this would be a good idea to become in fruition. ^^
So, I had already got some input on Gold's current design, and I'm wondering what your guys' opinion is on him. ^^ I really think I should update him, but I don't know how, so I'm wondering how you guys think. His personality is composed of being cocky (dives into fights without regard of risk), childish (always immature, comments about whoever he meets), selfish (doesn't care to anyone he meets for the first time, always wants everything to come into his way), caring with those he's really attached to (he'll protect anyone he is fond of, other attributes will apply to protection). His abilities are the following: Average Swordsmanship (limited due to the weight of the Chaos Master Sword), Average Agility (limited due to weight), can control the Chaos Master Sword after it collects Chaos Energy from all Chaos Emeralds (the Super Master Sword). His backstory, in all honesty, is pretty lacking and I would also want to improve on it. ^^; 
My goodness, I really need to have the urge to draw...
So, initially, I want to drop the Master Sword concept for Gold in the Sonic IDW Comics, but I'm not sure what to do to him. But, I should rather focus on what I really need to do. ^^; 


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Welcome to AlexandNintendo2's Deviant Account, (formerly AlexandNintendo). I ironically make deviations based on Sonic the Hedgehog rather than Nintendo and rarely make deviations relating to trains!

For other sites/applications you can talk to me on:
Discord: AlexandNintendo#5939

So, more about me:

Anyone who wants to roleplay me, just note me and we'll take it off from there. Any deviations that allow roleplays are pretty much null.

Not taking requests right now.

Also, if I have been to your profile and/or favorite anything from you, you will get a Llama Badge because everyone gets one.

Once art trades open, I'll do it except if it involves with nudity or any other NSFW stuff or any fetish stuff.









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