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The Dark Knight Rises Poster

I was inspired by Drew Struzan's Blade Runner posters.
It was done in Painter X and Photoshop, only thing i didn't draw is the logo at the bottom.
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my favourite superhero movie! it was EPIC

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Very nice work. Keep them coming.
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Do a man of steel poster next!
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Ojalá puedas hacer de Man of Steel.
BulldozerIvan's avatar
I thought it looked Star Wars-ish at first.
Aty-S-Behsam's avatar
This is simply beautiful!
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Awesome poster!
This poster is well done.
Reminds me of the Star Wars posters, in a good sense.
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Begins, Fall , Rises
XxWhiteShadow96xX's avatar
Just watched the movie. It was awesome!
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This is probably a silly comment, but how do I "Request a Print" of this?
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I love this and the first thing it reminded me of was Blade Runner! You gave Bane very puppy dog eyes. It comes off more as cute than menacing. But very good work and it's just awesome!
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This is pure epicness!
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This is awesome! I would like to ask permission to use it as a cover for one of my fanfics if you don'tmind. I will put that you made it and not I.
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in the STAR WARS style ? ^^
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Thanks, glad you like it!
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amazing. awesome job.
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Out of every fan art ive seen for the dark knight rises this is the best one yet!
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drew struzan and blade runner: very good choices of influence!
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I would have loved to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt on this one as well.
But you did a great job on this one anyway. Outstanding!
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