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Vector - Copy (2) 1.0.1

By AlexanderSct
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A terrible name for an okay skin.

THE multipurpose visualizer.

Vector - Copy (2) runs on magic, I think! I'm just as clueless as you are on what I made all these settings do.

  • Looks pretty
  • Two visualizer types
  • Chameleon (wallpaper color matchable)
  • Rotatable
  • Runs on pixie dust
  • 100 bands max.
  • Settings in excess (have fun toying around with those)
  • Unreasonable cpu usage (sorry)

Update Log
1.0.1 - Fixed rotation for poly.ini.

Socks The Fox - Chameleon plugin

Suggestions appreciated.
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ThomasKunnNew Deviant

I just can't figure out how to change the color, I tried it with the RGB, but nothing happened. Anyone help? It just keeps giving me colors I don't want, even tho I put in right RGB code. Please, help me or send me code for light pink. That works

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AlexanderSctHobbyist General Artist

In variables, change the value after Color=

It should end up looking like Color=255,128,128

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ebloixNew Deviant


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how can i change/move the height on the desktop?

love it

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Awesome! Any way to change colour?

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BRuh7745New Deviant

you can code it thats what i did

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lovin it bro!

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Hey! Thank you for making this awesome visualizer with lots of settings inside of it. Love it so much. If you don't mind I'd like to suggest an invert option, like a horizontal mirror, if that's possible. I'm trying to put 2 visualizers on left and right side of the screen with separated audio channel (FL and FR), but I can't find a way to make either one look mirrored.

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AlexanderSctHobbyist General Artist

Will do, thanks for the suggestion! However, I am waiting for the next plugin update, so it may take a while.

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GamingIsGamblingNew Deviant

when you place in standard with an angle of 90 degrees it crashes rainmeter, any ideas from what that could be from?

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VOODOO6464New Deviant

How do I change the color

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I'm having issues with the audio bars kinda lagging behind eachother after one hits the next highest note in that hz. I havent messed with any settings and even tried reinstalling/restarting and even reinstalling my audio driver. My other addons work just fine though, it's just this one and no I didnt use another addon while using this one. It's odd because I see the perfect bars and everything I've been looking for but it just doesnt work the way its suppose to for me. Great addon though, if you can figure out whats causing this, perfect.

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This is on both standard and poly, both variants don't work with the same issue.

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AlexanderSctHobbyist General Artist

This visualizer uses extremely high settings compared to others. Along with how I made the skin, it's likely that the visualizer runs slower and therefore causing bars to lag. You can try setting BandAvgSize to 1, which will turn off smoothing and "speed it up." Not a real fix, but I might be able to find a miracle optimization one day. Keep your eyes peeled?

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From the previous comment, I made a switch from HDD to SSD and did a fresh install of Windows too, I have 0 issues now, seems whatever was messing up fixed itself with a fresh install. Thank you for replying <3 it works perfectly fine now.

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Looks nice and works well for me!

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does not work

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why? fuck

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How do i change the color?

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