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AlexanderSchlicht's Profile Picture
Alexander Schlicht
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My profile pic will make your day ^˛'
l'm an autistic homeschooler who makes art in the sleepy little town of *ADDRESS WITHHEALD*.
My best friends are :iconilikecereal449:, :iconspacechildhere:, :iconbenthecutesquirrel:, :iconjazzystarlover:/:iconthegrumpyfiredy:, :iconkillerpicklle:, :iconpvzfan26:, :iconchentheirken:/:iconshaneysqueeboy:, :iconraresox:, :iconcatsandstyooth:, :iconcartoonistnerd:, :iconsparksing-major:, :iconoliverisakinkybeach:, :iconriverofchaos1125:, :iconhaleigh426:, :iconmariascurra:, :iconfanmat:, :iconfarman-maxwell:, :icondragonballfan2012:, :icondragosfunpalace12334:, :iconk-egg:, :iconatomikku123:, :iconaraiixio:, :iconkatzqq:, :iconwieseguy69:, :iconduffylandfilms:, :iconkirbyfan1234:, :iconjpixelart:, :icongloamdrifter:, :iconnaturefan18:, :iconcheysmisadventures:, :iconittybitystar:, :iconharmony--bunny:, :icontuff--rubies:, :iconmelina-the-thief:, :iconnire-ners:, :iconizastarartist17:, :iconmaklods:, :icondivinekoryo: and :iconnep-t00ns:. All mah love, d00ds. :hug:
My old and TOTALLY outdated account is :iconalexschlicht:.
My absolute FAVORITE inspirations are :icontorkirby:, :iconsuperlooneydude:, :iconhappyboybob:, :iconchrissie-boo:, :iconflowjoedraws:, :iconsomedoodnamedjack:, :iconvynical:, :iconwaltman13: and :iconmrhaliboot:.
Even though I lost a few friends, including :iconradioactiverays:, her sister :iconsqueakeerz:, :iconkissasheep: and :iconblueknightice:, I still love them with all my heart and I wish the best for them.
As for the rest... well, why don't you look at the fan buttons and read my interests down below?

l don't get it '¬'

Yus Muffins ^3^

Yus l leik Mudkipz

l remember them so you don't have to... if you want.

Hamha ºwº

Happiness is a fan button.


Rudy's got the chalk, the chalk, the chalk, ChalkZone!

CatDog, CatDog, alone in the world was a little CatDog

Well, l like the classic series, anyway.

Gotta blast!

Move it, football head!

Yes, l'm a TOTAL Kirby geek and l'm proud of it <(-'˛'-)>

My favorite Zelda game is A Link to the Past, BTW.

Favorites are Super Mario 3, World, 64, and Maker.

I geuss the 2nd part's not that relevant anymore '~'

Favorite is Balloon Fight.

Favorite is (No suprise) Melee & Sm4sh.

Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

Don't have a cow, man!

l ship it SOOOO much ^˛^

l support RachelCop '-'

l support lza. Stop the hate!

Cloud Fan Button by AlexanderSchlicht
Cloud is downright AMAZING.
In a Heartbeat Fan Button by AlexanderSchlicht
And so is In a Freaking Heartbeat.

FlowJoeDraws is awesome! :D
Waltman13 Fan Button by AlexanderSchlicht
So is Waltman13!
MrHaliboot Fan Button by AlexanderSchlicht
MrHaliboot FAN FOR LIFE!!! :D

YAAAAY DivineKoryo!
Levi Brooks Fan Button by AlexanderSchlicht
Proud supporter of ilikecereal449!
ShaneySqueeBoy Fan Button by AlexanderSchlicht
ShaneySqueeBoy AKA ChenTheIrken's the best! :D
Al-tober Day 18: Fan Button by AlexanderSchlicht
NEP-T00NS is... well, amazing. Love the dude.
RareSox Fan Button by AlexanderSchlicht
RareSox for the win!
SpaceChildHere Fan Button by AlexanderSchlicht
I'm a huge SpaceChildHere fan! Heck, Johnny's one of my best friends too!
killerpicklle Fan Button by AlexanderSchlicht
And who could forget Killerpicklle? I wouldn't! He's amazing!
Trinivisor Fan Button by AlexanderSchlicht
And here's Trinivisor!
Reanna Fan Button by AlexanderSchlicht
Plus Reanna! I miss her...
Atomikku123 Fan Button by AlexanderSchlicht
With a teaspoon of Atomikku123!
SparksInG-major Fan Button by AlexanderSchlicht
Aaaaaand here's SparksInG-major!
Maklods Fan Button by AlexanderSchlicht
Not to mention Maklods!
pvzfan26 Fan Button by AlexanderSchlicht
And the casual pvzfan26!
OliverIsAKinkyBeach Fan Button by AlexanderSchlicht
Oh, and don't forget OliverIsAKinkyBeach!
Jazzy Fan Button by AlexanderSchlicht
And how can I forget my good friend Jazzystarlover?
LooneyDude Fan Button by AlexanderSchlicht
I occasionally Sunk. SuperLooneyDude rulez!

Thou shalt be missed.


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