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Banning books,
Alright i was in the library yesterday and i say a poester displaying the idiocracy behind book banning.
Amoung the topics were witchcraft -harry potter of course-, vampirism, homosexuality (that one REALLY surprised me X.X) religious veiws (satanism and other "occult beleifs) and sex help books (well...that shouldn't be in school anyway XD but still!), pedophelia (ew..but i don't know how to spell it XD so forgive me), premarital sex > i think that goes under sex but w/e, and books about "emotionally disturbed individuals"
and it got me thinking...
Now I'll be the first to tell you i HATE it, but this is not why i'm writing this hoenstly because i'm confused
IF we are going to ban Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia and other REALLY well known books why would we NOT ban Twilight?
I asked my english teacher and i said: Vampirism, emotional distress, premarital affaris, language, a scary vamp who goes after Bellas kid X.X and violence...why is it not ban
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Spam Alert on Deviations
There is a spam comment going around which appears to only post on deviations. The text is "rofl this may be relevant to your interests" and is a link.
If you get this comment please do not click the link. If you do it will send out comments like it through your account to other deviations.
Report it as spam if it is on your deviation.
If you happened to click the link please look in your activity and recomment on what was spammed, mentioning what has happened.
If possible please post a journal warning others of this issue and/or linking to this article so it can be stopped.
Thank you.
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Selfish by yuumei
Mature content
Selfish :iconyuumei:yuumei 25,505 5,684
Human Reconfiguration XI by theGutlessWonder Human Reconfiguration XI :iconthegutlesswonder:theGutlessWonder 122 22 Human Reconfiguration X by theGutlessWonder Human Reconfiguration X :iconthegutlesswonder:theGutlessWonder 74 12
Every day, there are more and more posts on here seeking "artists" for everything from auto graphics to comic books to corporate logo designs. More people are finding themselves in need of some form of illustrative service.
But what they're NOT doing, unfortunately, is realizing how rare someone with these particular talents can be.
To those who are "seeking artists", let me ask you; How many people do you know, personally, with the talent and skill to perform the services you need? A dozen? Five? One? …none?
More than likely, you don't know any. Otherwise, you wouldn't be posting on here to find them.
And this is not really a surprise.
In this country, there are almost twice as many neurosurgeons as there are professional illustrators. There are eleven times as many certified mechanics. There are SEVENTY times as many people in the IT field.
So, given that they are less rare, and therefore less in demand, would it make sense to ask your mechanic to work on your car for free? Woul
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7 Reasons Why You Should Go to Art School
One of the most frequently asked questions on this site is the infamous: "Is there a point in going to Art School?" It makes my blood pressure rise every time, not so much the question itself as the fact it is asked to, and answered by, people who have no business giving advice on the matter. This article seeks to answer it once and for all, and be warned that it may come across as cutting in certain places. There's a link to my CV in my journal for those who might wonder about my own qualifications.
The short answer is: Yes, there is a point. In fact, if you want to make a carreer out of art, or design, you must go to art school. You can dispense from it if one of the following applies to you:
:pointr: You're a genius in your chosen field. You have an innate grasp of art/design principles and the ability to impose your ideas in the field so that you don't even need to learn the nitty-gritty. Unlikely, or you'd be famous by now.
:pointr: You need a formation but you have
:iconmajnouna:Majnouna 958 419
Cultivating Your Drawing Skills
I believe drawing skills are never innate: when someone is a natural, what they really have are remarkable observational skills and the ability to apply them – in their case, through drawing (it could just as well have been espionage ;)). Drawing skills can be cultivated by anyone able to use their minds and hands. There are basically only two approaches to do this: theory (+practice) and observation (+studies).
:bulletred: Theory is a structured, organised approach, learning from someone more experienced who's laid it all out for us in a course, book or tutorial.
:bulletred: Observation is an organic, unpredictable approach, learning directly from the real world around us and gradually deriving principles from it.
Alone, they are both incomplete; trying to work with only one of them would be like trying to walk with one foot. Studying lays down a solid foundation, which remains abstract and limited until observation brings it to life with details and real-life application
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Art Blocked? The Anatomy of Art Block
A brief edition, 7 years later, as this article is still receiving attention.
AS a webcomic artist who has now produced over 1,000 pages of work with no hesitation, I should amend this article with the following summary:
Art-block is caused by a lack of creative purpose. Purpose is the best means by which a vacillating artist might finally become motivated again. Whether it's as simple as the need to capture a beautiful image, like a sunset with a loved one, or as dire as the need to communicate an imperative revelation before death, this purpose is the key to allowing the feeling of importance, which will allow artists to undertake as great a task as making art.
Avoid distractions.
Avoid irrelevant information.
Understand your own desires.
Achieve perspective.
Feel no shame.
We all get art-blocked at one point. "I don't want to draw" or "I don't feel like drawing this..."
By understanding what art-block is, we can take steps to avoid it in the future, and pos
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kitten soup by shygraywolf kitten soup :iconshygraywolf:shygraywolf 38 7 sunset: innocence by shygraywolf sunset: innocence :iconshygraywolf:shygraywolf 29 33 Path to the king by october27 Path to the king :iconoctober27:october27 12 10
deviantART Presents: New Profile Pages!
DeviantART is proud to announce the launch of NEW Profile Pages! In response to community feedback and deviously Deviant Technology innovation, new Profile Pages offer additional ways to personalize, customize, and organize your homebase at deviantART!

These Profile Page upgrades are much more than a simple set of new features. Built using a platform based on "modules", new Profile Pages have the ability to evolve and grow over time. Added to your Profile Page with just a few button clicks, modules couldn't be easier to use. New modules will be released regularly, allowing Profile Pages to continually adapt and meet the specific needs of the
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Chapter 1
Tragedy tamed the beast.
By: Martha Powell
Chapter 1: Awakening
"There is no one here to save me…No one ever will…I will just forever be bonded to four walls I would like to call my own. But, owning is a privilege, not one to be taken granted for. I used to see these walls as just that, walls, not boundaries, or confiding cages keeping me locked up in what I now see as an eternal prison, the place I will be contained in for the rest of my life. But that didn’t stop me back then, I saw more to these walls than they could ever hope of being, but that’s not important…however it seems the world has turned to oblivious hatred since the dawning of what my mother described to me as the New Dark Ages, people dying from starvation, dehydration, and morbid disease, brother turning on brother, family’s being torn apart from greed and infidelity, things I didn’t want to understand. She also told me that humanity just lost all hope, some people even resorting to k
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Blue nude 2008 by MrKeijo Blue nude 2008 :iconmrkeijo:MrKeijo 11 22


I'm curious what drawing habits other people have. For example I recently purchased a tiny sketchbook and some pens, and since then I have been drawing people every day (against their will, haha) in the public transport, or wherever I manage to pull the sketchbook out of my pocket and scribble a few lines. I consider the sketches too small to be uploaded, so I suppose they will remain only on paper for the time being. I made this step, since I would like to utilize as much as possible from the daily time that I usually write off as wasted, and reading lectures in the bus really doesn't agree with me.

So, would anybody else (presuming somebody reads this) like to share their drawing habits?

Alexander Peev
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