YCH Showcase - May 2024

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YCH artists don't just create art; they ignite your imagination with boundless possibilities. With each stroke of their pencil or brush, they sketch a scene, a moment, a pose that invites you to envision your character within it. It's not merely a commission; it's a collaborative journey where you and the artist co-author an unforgettable experience for your character.

Welcome to this monthly feature where we spotlight the exceptional talents of YCH artists, their art, and the inspirations that fuel their creations. We invite you to immerse yourself in the imaginative worlds they've crafted for characters like yours. And, who knows? You might just discover a space for your own character to shine within their art!

Hr Dalogo By Kovowolf


Hello! My name is Savveika/ Savve. I am a Russian artist. I have been on DeviantArt for only 2 years and actively started drawing YCHs only in the summer of 2023 ;) I really like drawing stories and looking for characters for them. This way I can try something new for myself and at the same time bring someone else’s fantasy to life! I am very glad that many people like what I do and it inspires me to come up with something new!

Open YCH

Green hills (ych)
Abandoned city #1 (ych)
Ych open

Completed YCH

The cold way
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My name is Fukkatsu. Now I work mainly as a freelance illustrator, although I am a jewelry designer by education. Most of all, I like to draw long-haired male aristocrats and vampires. I have been actively running my page on DA for about 4 years now, including sometimes selling YCHs and adopts.

Open YCH

YCH #56-58 [1/3 OPEN]
YCH #59 - [OPEN]

Completed YCH

YCH #51 - [Finished]
YCH #55 [Finished]
YCH #28 - [Finished]


My name is Inky! I'm an artist, a fan of sharp jaws and bright colors. Drawing was my hobby at school, and now it's my full-time job. I'm self-educating and trying to look for something new - right now I'm learning to animate. Each drawing is a step closer to my dream of becoming an outstanding creator.

Open YCH

Hypno YCH (OPEN)
YCH - Fiery Bust (CLOSE)

Completed YCH

Commission | Finished YCH
Finished ych with flowers
Commission | Lovely Cupid
Hr Dalogo By Kovowolf

Want to know more about YCH commissions? Read this handy FAQ :)

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