TTT Vol. 5 - Sweets / Candies

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Welcome to my new feature series! Look forward to some of the art submitted in response to my themed-thread in the Deviation Thumbshare forum every Thursday

This week's theme was...

Sweets & Candies

Vocaloid: Candy Confetti
Meera Chibi - 10K Thank You Dear | NinaLife31
the candyland
Better On a Stick
Do you want some ice cream?
[Gift Art] - Chiye for Hyanna-Natsu
Pink Macaron Girl
Commission: HinataFox790
Pink Candy Heart Girl
Valentine's Day. Heterodon nasicus
chocolate candy
FFVII OC: Happy birthday, Sadie!
Candy Rain
lovefairy 2

And here are some recent candy & sweets related art :heart:

Strawberry Shortcake
[C] Sweetest calls
Adrienette - Sweet Storm

Thanks for sharing your favourite sweets & candy related art, everyone! Please and comment on these lovely works to show your support, and see you next week with a new theme :pinguslide: - the penguin-version of :slide:

Previous editions: ♦ Vol. 1Vol. 2Vol. 3Vol. 4

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♡ Cover image credit: Canva

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LadyYomiHobbyist Digital Artist

Thanks for the feature! Now I feel like eating sweets too! 😂💜🍬

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Aww :D That's a nice idea, though x)

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SlayersStrongholdProfessional Digital Artist

Congrats to all the artists here for the wonderful work and thank you for featuring a piece of mine!

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3Days2GoProfessional Photographer

Thank you for the feature, Alexander! This is a fun theme for an art collection like this. Nice job!

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Thank you for sharing your work to be a part of this :heart:

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