TTT Vol. 2 - Merfolk

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Welcome to my new feature series! Look forward to some of the art submitted in response to my themed-thread in the Deviation Thumbshare forum every Thursday :love:

This week's theme was...


MerMay2020: #8 - Heroic
That time of the year
salty waters
Electric Mermaid
Hidden Desire
MerMay2020: #2 - Warrior
MerMay2020: #7 - Tranquil
Honestly this is a cute doodle
Sketchbook | Mermaid
Happy Halloween 2018
Mermay 2020
Wyvern comic cover
She is warm
MerMay 08
Contest entry: Leia, the Spring Mermaid!
MerMay 6
MerMay 1
Mermay 2020: Day 10
Enjoying moonlight
Demon of the Sea
[Com by Hullusinaatio] Nerrocen's Siren Song
Deep Sea Mermaid
[AU] Sea Song
[AU] Little they know it's the other way around

Thanks for sharing your Merfolk art, everyone! See you next week with a new theme :pinguslide: - the penguin-version of :slide:

Previous editions: ♦ Vol. 1

♡ Cover image credit: Canva

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jessaliaHobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the feature!!
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Thank you for sharing! :D

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Thank you so much for the mention! <3

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Thank you for sharing! :D