ArtistleFeatures Vol. XIII: 'What you love'

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'Well, remarkable stranger, what do you love?'
'I love the clouds... the clouds passing by... there... away over there... the marvellous clouds!'
                                                                           Charles Baudelaire, 'The Stranger'

Tropical by Hengki24  Dried-up by Voyager-A  Cloud by Hengki24
the little prince . by megatruh  Sky Train by BlackJack0919 
Nice place for sketch by RHADS
Sail by aerroscape Hot Air Balloons by Frostwindz
Green Dream by Hangmoon
Moonlit by AReeeD last stop. by sugarmints
  Gaia Vim Naturae: New Sky by yuumei
 Mountains by Esoragotka
The Cloud by A2Matos
 sea and sky by megatruh 
Cloud 9 by unlockedthoughts light by locoland  Machine Shed Faith 3118 by WayneBenedet
Cloud by nguyenshishi Cloudiness by nokeek Somewhere by nokeek
 To the sky by Hangmoon
Cloud city by faliessDragon Over the clouds by Moonshen
Ribboned Tide by ThoughtWeaver winter bears.2. by smokepaint
Rain first page by Moonshen Fractal Clouds Stock by tatasz
Feel Alive by yuumei

Please feel free to note me if you'd like to suggest a piece of work for the ArtistleFeatures series :heart:

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A2Matos's avatar
Gourgeous feature 
Thanks =D
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Much coolness, I am humbly honored for the inclusion
and once again give my many thanks
AlexanderPaupoff's avatar
You're most welcome!
It was a cloud-themed feature, how could I not add your work :love:
Windklang's avatar
The artistle features are really awesome. Always quality images and good research on a wonderfully picked theme :)
Thank you :tea:
AlexanderPaupoff's avatar
Aw :love:
Thank you! :huggle:
It means so much that you check it out and like it :heart:
Windklang's avatar
I know how this is :)
I look at all the artistle features - I do not comment on all of them, true, but I always look at them :)
Windklang's avatar
You are most welcome :)
It's the least tribute to your work :)
You deserve it so much!! :heart:
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Thank You for including me!
AlexanderPaupoff's avatar
You're welcome!
Your cloud photographs are amazing :heart:
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A lot of good ones here! Beautiful!!
ThoughtWeaver's avatar
I'm honored to be among such wonderful art. Thank you! :hug:
AlexanderPaupoff's avatar
You're welcome :hug:
Your work is beautiful :love:
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Thank you so much for including my work in such an amazing collection of art, this has really made my day :heart:
AlexanderPaupoff's avatar
You're very welcome :love:
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