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I will be a hummingbird The hummingbird in Wangari Maathai's story emerges as a heroic symbol of doing the best one can even in the face of overwhelming and insurmountable odds. Our lives have been drastically changed in the recent months and will probably be different in the foreseeable future in unprecedented ways. It is so easy during this time of uncertainty and tension to be overtaken by stress and negative thinking. And though we understand that the need of the hour is a sense of solidarity with others, what we sometimes fail to do is to extend the same consideration towards our very own self. Remember that you - along with everyone else - is in a crisis, and doing your best to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy, physically and mentally. Remember to be kind to yourself and extend the understanding to yourself that you would to others. Remember not to judge yourself and how you're coping by comparing it with how you see others coping, and vice versa. It's
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Welcome back to my forum feature series! Look forward to some of the art submitted in response to my themed-thread in the Deviation Thumbshare forum on Thursdays :love: This week's theme was... Artisan Crafts And here are some lovely pieces I found Thanks for sharing art your favourite artisan crafts deviations, everyone! Please :+fav: and comment on these lovely works to show your support, and see you next week with a new theme Previous editions: ♦ Vol. 1 ♦ Vol. 2 ♦ Vol. 3 ♦ Vol. 4 ♦ Vol. 5 ♦ Vol. 6 ♦ Vol. 7 ♦ Vol. 8 ♦ Vol. 9 ♦ Vol. 10 ♦ Vol. 11 ♦ Vol. 12 ♦ Vol. 13 ♦ Vol. 14 ♦ Vol. 15 ♦ Vol. 16 ♦ Vol. 17 ♦ Vol. 18 ♦ Vol. 19 ♦ Vol. 20 ♦ Vol. 21 #art #feature #journal #themed #thumbshare #eclipse #news #illustration #artisancraft #craft #fantasy #fanart #traditionalart #forum #forumfeature #jewellery ♡ Cover image credit: Canva
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Have you checked out the amazing new @Artistle features yet? :la:
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I'm a CV for Adoptables, Anime & Manga, and Digital Art.

To suggest a DD for one of those areas, please send me a note titled "DD Suggestion" with the :thumbxxxx: code.

A few things to keep in mind when suggesting:

▪ Please send me only one note per suggestion.

▪ Let me know if you'd like to remain anonymous as suggester.

▪ I can only feature artists who are active (at least in the last 30 days).

▪ I can only feature someone who hasn't received a DD in the past 6 months.

▪ I can only feature a suggestion from an ongoing contest once it's over.

▪ Please feel free to suggest yourself!

More information:

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