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April 7, 2006
Lennon by *alexandernvmhas all the needed elements: it's technically great, it looks awesome, and to dot the i, it's got the feeling.
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Suggested by Nullermanden
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I am so happy! DD :w00t!:

Thank you =Nullermanden for the suggestion and kind words!
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usualuniqueness's avatar
Gorgeous picture. I love the confused expression.
wchild's avatar
Totally fantastic shot!

Keep up the great work. =)
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kabrota's avatar
i like this one very much :)
lucifersam13's avatar
I want that glasses ! :)
alexandernvm's avatar
thanks for the favs ;)
AprilMcGuire's avatar
haha this shot is so full of character.. :clap:
liwaenahari's avatar
Cool. Did you auto- or manual-focus the shot? It kinda looks like you focused right on the glasses, makes a very nice point of interest. Also, is that hat really an indigo-ish color?! I'm curious whether the photo was shopped or not, if so: nice use of filtering and washing; if not: what ISO and shutter speed was this at to get such a nice display of color (also, what f-stop did you use, I'm trying new techniques and looking for new ways of capturing color)? Over all, great portrait, love it, mate.
alexandernvm's avatar
well i took this shot 2 years ago and i don't have the file for the photo unfortunately so i can't look up that information. i think i was using manual focus and trying to get myself in focus in the glasses. yes, it's photoshopped. i used the sharpen tool and played with overlays. glad you like it
9YerBlues's avatar

that's good:)
Gjertruud's avatar
the title could not be better! :D
myrnajacobs's avatar
God i love this!!!
wbcfor's avatar
Great title :)
Great capture.
Great DD!
dude - check it out. i've finished the color study piece.
alexandernvm's avatar
looks good, but why so dark?
i hope u dont mind but i did a color study on this amazing photo - just to come to bearings with how prismacolor pencils work. i hope u arent offended. it can be seen in my scraps. i do NOT intend for it to be sold - it is purely practice. :)
alexandernvm's avatar
no, i'm not offended at all. i'd love to see it. for some reason i can't view your scraps. can you link it directly for me
here it is
i need to update the pic, cause its all done now.
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