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Johnny Longbow's Stew

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I found this interesting ad while rummaging through some old magazines from the 70s.

Just kidding, this was made by me. Inspired by the MST3K episode 'Track of the Moon Beast.'

Done in Painter and Photoshop. [link]
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JJWS92Hobbyist Photographer
Johnny Longbow's Stew vs Earth vs Soup!
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I like the way you made this look like an old magazine ad from the 1970s.
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ArchiCrash Traditional Artist
Bwa-ha-hah! :lmao:

REally cool work on Johnny. And I applaud the addition of Sherrif McCabe! I like him...
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That.... is probably the most singularly beautiful thing I have ever seen. I bow to your imense talent and utter awesomeness....
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You are awesome!
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KridxenProfessional Traditional Artist
I would pay 20 dollars for some Johnny Longbow stew... in a can!
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Darthzilla's avatar
Actually a stew made from corn, chicken, green peppers, chilis... onions sounds pretty good. Kinda wish that the Moon Beast was in the background attacking someone while the rest were blissfully ignoring it, eating the stew.
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chaoswolf1982Hobbyist General Artist
What about the rattlesnake, velveeta, and hair?
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haha, right?!
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Soon I'll be throwing up chicken, corn, green peppers, chilli... *sigh* onions...
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pastforms666Professional Digital Artist
california ugh, ladyyyyyy! why'd i switch to mineralogy?!
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Perigryn7280Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Brilliant! I just watched the movie again last night and was pleased to see someone made an ad for his legendary stew :)
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zecaaHobbyist Artist
I just recently watched this episode of MST3K and stumbled across this. lol Great work! :D
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Bwaha! I'm sorry I just love that bit. I bet that stew tastes great.
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Stop talking Johnny Longbone!!

Hahaha, nice.
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Haha, I love it. I just watched Track of the Moon Beast yesterday.

Girl: "That's a great stew. What's in it?"
Johnny Longbow: "Oh, a lot of things."
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SmashinatorProfessional Digital Artist
This might be the single greatest thing I've ever seen.
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lol This got a good laugh out of me. Very nice. =p
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WeirdonianHobbyist General Artist
Wow, most excellent! Fav+!
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ZeikierHobbyist Traditional Artist
Mmm, how very...appetizing!
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i like the way the soup came out, makes me hungry.
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wow nice detail man
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