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Hello visitors, fellow artists, hobbyists, art lovers and other creatives, this is my Deviant art profile. Feel free to contact me through messages if you are in need of polite, yet objective and constructive critique, advice or anything you think i can say to you that can help solve some artistic trouble of yours. I will respond to you as soon as i can, though it may take some time due to my work obligations.

My name is Aleksandar Todorovic. I was born in 10.10.1982. As long as I could remember, I liked drawing, the process itself, the final result- the finished drawing at the same spot where only blank paper used to be just moments or hours ago. My schooling was rather regular, with many things interesting me from science to sociology, yet that passion for drawing and creating  never passed. It was only natural that after high school I enrolled the FLU, Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. I must say also that school didn't learn me much or did anything but simply providing me the space to work, and that most of the stuff I know I learned working hard for myself, and also through communicating with mu colleagues. After finishing it in 2007 I started my own art career- and it was not easy at all. During that time, i started working mainly on paid projects- illustrations, commissioned portraits and landscapes and other applied art, whilst working on my own art as much as I could- and through good organization i managed to find a whole lot of time, not only for creating art but also for exhibiting it. As the time went by, I started working less and less on my own art projects, to the point at which I pretty much stopped working on my personal art altogether, in the period 2010-2012, which also corresponded with many really rough-and-tough personal and family problems. It was, quite frankly, the hardest period in my life so far, with practically no light in sight at the end of a tunnel. But, by the end of 2011, and at the beginning of 2012, I finally took a definitive u-turn in my career- I once again shifted the focus to my own personal art again almost completely, working on commissioned art only when it was absolutely necessary (monetarily speaking). The direct result of that decision is the finishing of my new series of the Iconostasis drawings, which I have started working in 2009, and stopped in 2010- I had a pause in work well over 2 years- and last one is scheduled for finishing by the end of November 2012. Also, this year I had many art exhibitions, both solo and group, and many more scheduled.

So- why am I telling you all this? Well, hopefully, the person who visits this profile of mine is also an artist, who is probably also struggling to make it in this field- and I hope that this personal story might inspire him, or her, to stay on track with their dreams, to work hard for them almost to the point of self-sacrifice, to go through all the tough and hard choices, and one day those dreams just might come through. Now, I am not saying that I made it in the art world, I have not yet and probably never will become famous or anything, but that was not my dream to begin with, yet still some of my most important dreams already came through- I have dreamed of making some important art of mine, and by making hard choices and quite frankly conscious sacrifices i have created those artworks, and I am still thankfully doing it. It is mainly my family that I can thank for their unconditional support and love during all those passed years and years yet to come, my father and mother, my brother and his wife for their support and help in everything, my uncle and sister, my loving grandmother, and my late grandpa and grandma. I must also say thanks to all of my many close friends, and I must also thank the god, the faith or whatever that is controlling and directing the world for giving me the chance for meeting them, for it is a true blessing. This site, and my both present and future artworks, are dedicated to all of you.

What I can say about my personal art, is that I am trying to paint the reality as I can see it, giving my own POV whilst trying to be as objective as possible- making of my art is followed by many months of preparations, active thinking, reading the necessary materials, discussing with other people. Mostly my focus is on the negatives present in the modern society. Why is that I myself do not a have a definitive answer. Perhaps, some people are born that way, their perceptions fine-tuned to pick either vibrant and happy colors of life, or the dark and shady gloom, the grays and the dark, of the greatest depths of soul. I probably became oversensitive to evil and its consequences because i lived and still live and create in Serbia (not Siberia, those are Russians, and we are in Balkans, Europe), and we had and still have really hard and tough history, filled with unethical politics and greedy politicians, manipulated medias, wars, bloodshed, hatred, violence, constant crisis and evil. Maybe I am just being a jerk by trade and character, I don't know, and making artworks like this then becomes only natural- and I think that it is probably true up to a certain point. But me being a jerk still doesn't change the fact that this world is a place with huge, practically unsolvable yet catastrophic, civilization-and-life ending problems. Wherever you look, you see problems like wars, constant hate, pollution- I can go on like this and fill the next three pages of small-printed text so I'll stop here- which in the end affect us all, and all these problems are not being solved or addressed nowhere near the proper level. It is my belief that we humans as the highest sentient form on this planet have therefore the highest responsibility and also moral obligation, regardless of the religion, ethnicity or social status, to contribute as much as we can to the solution of these problems (which we created in the first place) by doing our very best in our own respective professional fields, instead of turning a blind eye and letting someone else (governments and politicians) doing it instead of us. I also believe that everything that we do matters, and that art can change the world- from written words, to music and visual arts like paintings and films. Art is just the medium through which ideas and emotions are being transferred, and ideas and their derivatives, ideals, are behind every single action that we take. Because of those beliefs i am creating these artworks, filled with bitter humor, satire and irony, hoping to make people laugh whilst the tears roll down from their cheeks and their souls ache. In my art so far the main character is the figure of the politician, which is archetype of Evil and moral decay, he is the central point, in different styles and forms, of many of mine artworks. To put it simply- my works are the analysis of evil, of its many forms, which was present in history, political systems and inter-human relationships.

I also believe that at some point in time, I to will create art which will be the antipodes to already created artworks. When it will be, or of what form will it be at this point I do not know, but for every shade there must exist a ray of light- and I sense it over there somewhere, illuminating some patch of unknown path of mine in future.

On this site I will post mostly my personal works. The commissioned works and the applied art I will post but only as a few examples, yet I will provide you, kind and patient visitor, with the links toward my on-line portfolios which are already in existence for some time on other web portals, so that you can look them in greater numbers and details- they can reveal, especially to the still learning artists, the process of making art from sketches and storyboards  to finished products.

In the end, what can I say? All I can say is I also hope, that after some time, as the years unrelentingly go by, I too will look at this statement and at this web site as one of the first stepping stones to a better and happier future of mine and of the world itself, the beginning of the uncertain, yet at the same time exciting and interesting voyage filled with many ups and downs, a kind of memento of the world which had many problems and which were hopefully, by that time, resolved.

Aleksandar Todorovic, October2012
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