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Tie, acrylic on panel canvas, 20x30cm, 2015 by alexander982 Tie, acrylic on panel canvas, 20x30cm, 2015 by alexander982
These are the works which i started in 2015, and which i will continue doing in the future. They depict imaginary country called Mudland, or Glibovija in Serbian. In smaller works from this series, i depicted specific symbols of this lands, and in later works i will make more elaborate figurative compositions.
Text is used profusely, and it contains letters from both Cyrillic and Latin alphabet, often mirrored, in order to create further confusion and coding of the messages, and the words are often created on the spot, using Serbian and jargon as the base. Characters i have used will be also presented in these works.
This is a  clear view of contemporary world, when all the curtains have fallen, with all the travesty and hypocrisy exposed. It is a portrait of society which is crumbling and deteriorating into decay and mud, from where it cannot escape. Irony, humor, and sarcasm are also present in these works.
WatcherInThePuddle Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The spiked collar were first used to protect hunting dogs from wolves. 
In a shift of traditional metaphor, todays lobbyists aren't wolves rather dogs, their masters their unquenchable greed of money. Wolves, natural predators and whose presence in an environment signify health, are those who still partake in the struggle against consumerist decay. The spikes on the collar are the spikes of power bought with money that makes them untouchable. The corporatists, who are blinded by greed, see the spiked collar as part of themselves, not a product of social decay.

At least thats my take on it. 
alexander982 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Professional General Artist
Interesting point of view. I didn't know the true origins of spiked collars- everyday you learn something new. I was referring mostly to the S&M culture, how tie, a symbol of business, seriousness, and power, is actually perverted, a very wrong sublimation of sexual urges and desire for dominance over other people. But, your point of view also makes a great deal of sense, i like it. Thanks for commenting, i appreciate it (y)
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January 23, 2016
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