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RunMe: SimpleOne

Original theme SimpleOne by Stefanka

Note: This is a port for RunMe.

Not exactly the same because skinning engine is different.

Please download new version update with better graphics and smoother animation.[link]
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divyanshuduttaroy's avatar
Amazingly useful app and a perfect skin.
But I am having this bug [link]

I am using Windows 7 with Aero on.
Alexander234's avatar
Thanks for reporting it. But right now I´m unable to fix it. I might fix it next year.
divyanshuduttaroy's avatar
Never mind. I just disabled the VistaBlur and its gone.

But do you know any way to rename the handler into something other than 'RunMe' like 'Stuff' or something ?

Much appreciated.
fediaFedia's avatar
I faved this some time ago, but only now tried it, and I totally regret not trying it earlier because this is the coolest application launcher with the skin I always wanted! Thanks a lot for making it! :)
Alexander234's avatar
I just ported and yes :) Runme is a nice launcher
Wahhooooo! WOW! Awesome!

Sorry, been looking for a simple one skin for something that actually runs on my computer for ages!

Thanks so much :)
Alexander234's avatar
Thanks to Stefanka :). The original creator of SimpleOne.
Nexovus's avatar
Sweet, I just got this program and this skin fits my theme really well ^.^ I just realized that you had just posted this. Thanks man
Alexander234's avatar
Glad you like it! :)
Nexovus's avatar
Do you know if its possible to move Runme to a second monitor? Ive only been able to display it on 3 edges of my main monitor :sniff:
Alexander234's avatar
Wish I could help you but I don't know!
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