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August 8, 2010
RunMe is a nifty little application launcher to provide you with some quick access to your folders, shortcuts and links. the RM skin pack by ~Alexander234 is giving it an even more sleek look & feel.
Featured by OtisBee
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RM skin pack

A skin pack for RunMe

Albedo and Wood theme is now 40% smaller + group view is better. +++many small changes.

+1 new skin
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kAtz93's avatar
why the hell i missed this ?
beautiful skins for a great app :peace:
soiaa's avatar
Congrats on the DD! That's a very nice skin for what seems like a very nice app that I shall try very soon! :D
Clubberry's avatar
What is RunMe? :O_o:
65Hyper's avatar
RunMe is a program that is like Right Click by Stardock. But it appears on your desktop. You can get it here [link] and try it.
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hello-123456's avatar
Nice work! I've never heard of this program before, but went to check it out straight away.
emey87's avatar
I was running this app long ago, and I will retuirn to use it because of this skins! Congrats for the DD!
toastbrotpascal's avatar
Congratz on the DD man :)
Really nice looking skin.
Great! But no me gusta que cuando se visualiza el menu, tenga unos pixeles mas abajo que la altura del icono (L). Como lo arreglo? Gracias!
Del11boy's avatar
requestedRerun's avatar
Neat little app, thanks for bringing it to attention. Sweets skins for it too. :)
Alexander234's avatar
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