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check mah keytar skillz

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I haven't drawn fanart in a while. This is Benedict Arnold from *jiggly's webcomic The Paul Reveres [link] , he's my favorite character.
It's a great comic, beautiful art, great story too. Give it a read sometime :D

Benedict Arnold; The Paul Reveres (c) *jiggly
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In reality, he'd be in the American band first, but he'd get booed all the time, despite his great vocals and gutairing, so he decides to go to a band that WON'T do that.
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I love the splashy Union Jack in the background--great job!
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Thanks very much, I like it too. Way better than the over the top, colorful background I had before. That was too overpowering.
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I love the Paul Revers! I actually thought about cosplaying Paul, but couldn't get a group togeather... so bah... not as much fun :P
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I love this comic too! It's so neat and the idea of fighting battles with very original.
Thanks very much!
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..I approve. :thumbsup:
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:D It's a really good webcomic!
And thanks so much!
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Just plain ass awesome X3
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You know it! And thanks very much
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Keytars are epic... and this is epic. He looks so cute for being a little opportunistic traitor X3
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His character is so funny in the comic, I couldn't help but like him! I wanna own a keytar someday so I can play something awesome on it.
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Keytars are cool... but I don't know if I have the coordination necessary. XD even my ocarina makes me a little confused.
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I still can't get over how awesome this is! :heart:
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:iconiloveyouplz: And I'm very happy that you like it♥
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I think you will really like this song... [link]
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Ahh I have to song on my mp3 player. One of my absolute favorites.
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I recently discover the song, but your picture made me think of it.
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:D I enjoyed drawing this!!
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oh, with good reason ;)
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