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So anyways, there was this Steven Universe art book that contains a lot of concept art that didn’t make it to the show. Also, there’s this controversy going around the internet where some users are complaining that the character “Concrete” is depicted to be in racial way. I honestly don't see it. But if you want to find more, then I highly recommend seeing Vailskibum94 discussing this topic.

Link To His Video: Steven Universe's Concrete Controversy

All Art By: Alexander-LR

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You can view the full process by visiting my Tumblr art blog:…

Also, I'm open for Paypal commissions by the way !  New Commission Sheet (Same Prices) by Alexander-LR

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InfinitaPassioneStudent Digital Artist
i think that the right arm is too much short and not whit the curves that a normal arm should have
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so cute!:3
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theartqueen13Professional Traditional Artist
I personally think Concrete should have been used
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DJS1800Hobbyist General Artist
Whenever I hear that she is racist, I'll remember to play this at SJW events
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GalacticCreativityHobbyist General Artist
Omg she's so pretty!
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ManiactheleaderHobbyist Digital Artist

she looks lovely! <3
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Nice concrete you got there!;) (Wink) 
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Otaku-SeraphHobbyist Digital Artist
I LITERALLY just saw your Watch Me Draw of this. :D
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SmolIceMeowStudent Artist
I love the art style its very cute! ♡
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nostalgitoonsStudent Digital Artist
So pretty
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SaintArserk Digital Artist
I dont why people complains, I loved the character, all fandom made Rebecca Sugar feel like a racist bitch, good job m8

Sorry I ranted a bit... I loves this drawing! wish this design was in the show
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FanGirlForFnaFHobbyist General Artist
(Edit) I deleted the piece my apologies, i'll be reuploading it due to an error I found in it feel free to review it again, though do keep in mind it's not one of my best works
I see you added my art to something you'll be reviewing i'd appreciate if you'd give me the link when the video is uploaded, thank you.
Mikaylabrathwaite's avatar
I love your artwork 
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DorgieChibi232Hobbyist General Artist
i see you added my art to "art i will review on my channel" if you review it, please don't be too harsh. i'm new to digital art.
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StopBeinzMeRedHobbyist General Artist
He's actually really nice! He isn't too critical, either. He's going to be reviewing like 2 pieces of my art
DorgieChibi232's avatar
DorgieChibi232Hobbyist General Artist
yeah, he never actually does ive heard.
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AlleycatdogHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi I got your message and I will allow you to show my art if you want to I would love to get some crtic(sorry if I spelled that wrong) just so I could improve please do give me a link to the video. Thank you
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CrumblesOfRealityHobbyist General Artist
Hey I'm kind of unfamiliar to the format of Deviantart so I don't know where your inbox is, but you can go ahead with reviewing my art! As long as it isn't the first few posts- they are old, and unless you are comparing them to my newest art positively then I don't want that. Otherwise feel free to compare the post you added to your folder! 

Lovely art btw!
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SkaramineHobbyist Traditional Artist
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potente789Professional Traditional Artist
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Sweet-SharottoStudent Traditional Artist
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LoverMoonstarHobbyist General Artist
Love your design.  I think she's cute.
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Woah, this looks great! I love the coloring and can't wait to see your future works m'dude
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