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Removing the shine to your wig

By Alexamadden
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Removing the shine to your wig

Fabric softener
Hair Iron
Hair spray

Let soak in a bucket. Fabric softener and a liter of water for 5 days!! and allow to dry in the shade! P.D: dried with the fabric softener!!
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kemi-metz's avatar
So im confused. For putting the wig in a bucket is it only fabric softener or what is it? Helllpppp i need to do it asap!
TXCleverGirls's avatar
I'm in sort of a time crunch- would my wig be somewhat deshined in less than five days?
Mimicryofnothing's avatar
i tried this and it worked!!
im also  curious if you can soak it for less time?
CubanCracker62's avatar
This is fantastic! Thank you!

One question though; will this damage the wig?
Depending on what the wig is, it seems to sometimes discolor it.
Vulpes94's avatar
 think not, but it will wash out
Cursed-9-11's avatar
can I remove the shine even without Talc? 
dynamicduoo's avatar
omg, thank you for this
rbl3d's avatar
Las llaves flores
vickyhit's avatar
do you put talc on the wig as soon as you have taken it out of the fabric softener or when its dry?
ely707's avatar
if i dont use the talc is the same?
but is the talc in powder?thanks
BafferWarrior's avatar
 The talc remove the shine, but u can use some makeup of the color of ur wig, i made it and it works very well! 
ely707's avatar
kiryuinsatsuki's avatar
mine has a strong smell, is there something that could be done about it?
CattyMcNuggets's avatar
Try using some fabric softener that has a nice smell.
Or even just wash with the shampoo you use every day (Better if you use a high end brand for the wig)
adrawer4ever's avatar
The result looks fantastic, I'm playing with some cheap wigs I bought during Halloween, does it have to be 5 days in the bucket, or can it just be long enough to make sure the whole wig is coated?
KristaBabyDollBrown's avatar
2 questions, Is this a cheap party wig? 
Also Could you use Baby Powder instead of talc?
Supernaturalforce's avatar
Talco is baby powder. Its just in Spanish.
Ivyra's avatar
baby powder is pretty much the same thing, if you have a very dark wig you may want to get a translucent powder from a makeup aisle or something.
IsisAst's avatar
Te quedo genial :heart: pero como se usa el talco? :c
Kurisuty's avatar
creo q se mete todo en un sola mezcla o algo asi
Wally-in-the-Alley's avatar
So, does this really work?
Ellieriver's avatar
well, this is amazing!! I have to try it with a pair of wigs that I bought and shine a bit to much *^*
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