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Metro 2033

Illustration based on the "Metro 2033"book
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The Newcomers of Pavletskaya?
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ух ты, круто как)
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run bitch rruuunnnnnnn XD

wait where you got the book?
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Not many games based on books. Good job AA.
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you are F@!# men ! ; D
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Is this from the book where after escaping the library Artyom has to walk outside in the dark to the other station (can't remmeber the name) where he is chased by 3 creatures and he runs in to coincidentally his childhood house? If it is where is the rifle he picked up from Danila's dead body.
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Great illustration, just like in the book ;) But I thought these monsters didn't have necks?
"it was at this moment, stalker knew he fucked up"
but if the stalker stop right now and give a hug of all monster in this street they become the best friend of the world!!!!
and look this mutant... damn its sooo cute.
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Wrong franchise, komrade
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This was one of the most terrifying and stressful part of the book
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That part was f*cking terrifying...
Artyom run for your life
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Black? It's looks like dog ;P
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Looks awesome! I've read the book and played both games. Loved the series, and I'm sad that it's over now.
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