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Illustration for Legend of the Cryptids
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I really like your artstyle! It has something very unique to it :)
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How long time do it takes for u to finish one pic like this?

All the details seems to take like forever to draw xp
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Around 4 days (in and out ) ,i try not to rush it and give myself a day or two to rethink the drawing and see it with fresh eyes . It can be done in a day but i will make mistakes and will regret them latter on and will have to fix them .
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Do u have any advice how to be so fast when u doing so big and detailed pictures? some speed drawings on youtube. Like what programs u use photoshop? sai?

And btw your pic looks amazing but that do u already know i think ;)
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Thank you

I use Photoshop and sometimes Painter

Start with block out shapes don't zoom too much and go to detail until the forms are defined . I guess there are many factors that speed up the process (lasso tool to catch you important forms so you don't need to worry about them latter , black and white block out before you go to color , reference , color sketch ,) and experience most of all .

I am very lazy artist so i had to learn to draw fast so that i can keep up with my client demands :D
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Hahah! yeah That's a little bit why i ask because i'm so incredible slow and don't have patient to do big pictures because it takes all to much time for me xD'

And thanks for all the advise! :) But I have just one problem :/ I don't have ps...
are u recommend to use photoshop to that kind of ppictures?!?
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Not really you can do that with any software you want , draw with what you are comfortable .
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alright then. thank you for the advice anyway! ^^
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that helmet! very nice.
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Some of them random stuff that happens with no intention .Thx
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This is great, dude! Love the feeling of it
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