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Black Glass - Flat (1.2)

Minimalistic Launchy Skin - based on "Black Glass", adapted to W8 interface.

Made it for myself and been using for a while, but will be happy if someone finds it useful too.

Update details: now works under linux version of launchy as well.

Update 2: now includes 2x size version for high resolution screens.
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Thanks. I love Launchy. Usually one of the first tools I install. Finally a skin which looks decent on high res screens.
Hi Alex,

I have sent you a note regarding your skin.

Please, respond me if possible.

Kind regards
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Can someone explaine me what it is used for?
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It's a skin for a free software called Launchy (
This is a neat design, Alex. Thanks for this. Been using it for months, and love it
Was this made without consideration for icons? I have them enabled, and they overlap the text field. Is there any way to fix this?
They're also offset towards the bottom of the skin.
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Only now I discovered the issue you're talking about!
Fixed and updated.
Thanks. Now I don't see icons at all, though, but I guess that's better than broken icons.
I don't see them for the thing to open, that is. I still see them in the drop-down list.
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There was a bug when the icon shown would be from the previously selected program, so I disabled icons completely. 

You can still view full list with icons by pressing down.
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I like this. I was looking for a minimal skin for some time now. Nice job! :D
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