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The church and the stars

As long as we keep having cloudy surises and sunsets and clears skies during the night and day I feel like i am pretty much limited to astrophotography at the moment. I dont mind it but its a lot harder to find a shot because you cant see so well :P

This is another shot of the parish church just up the road. I lit the church with a torch. I cant get it to stop looking like a cutout, but I guess I will have to deal with that. The gravestone in the foreground is from 1782, you can still read it. This is a stitch of 2 horizontal images. 1min f4 ISO1600. The noise is unbeleivably low. The whitebalance has been changed and the stars have brightness and contrast enhancements

I'm going to try hard to get some shots tomorrow, I kind of like the idea of getting a shot on the last day of the year but my mums side of the family is coming over and I want to spend time with them, particularly my younger cousins!
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What kind of camera did you use for this picture?
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This is FREAAAAKING AWSOME!!! I hope I can make some good quality astrophotograhy shots like yours.. :( 
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Amazing capture!!
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Fantastic shot!
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What marvellous imagery!
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Cosmic church! :)
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This is beutiful!
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featured in cool stuff :dance:

makes me want to be where I can see stars again... nice work. moody, interesting.
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just amazing. i like it!
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It's kind of an ironic picture isn't it?
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because even though the point that most notable prophets like jesus and buddah had to make was about appreciating life and experiencing it with an open mind and tuning in to everything, the dogmatic followers were too busy waiting for death to experience paradise, they can't see we've been in it this whole time. anybody denies that this is heaven on earth is just missing out. Like poseidon46 said two comments down "beautiful and surreal"
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I'm an athiest myself but I don't really agree with bashing religion in a forum like this I must admit! I also think that you generalisation is quite regularly incorrect. In my experience religious people often have a far greater appreciation of life.
But thank you for your comment :)
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did i bash anybody at all? i think most atheists take it all for granted too. but thank you for your patronizing response. :)
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I think some religious people would find the suggestion that they are 'dogmatic' and 'waiting for death' a bit offensive, hence my comment. But nevermind it doesn't really matter.
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beautiful !! i absolutely love IT !!
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Beautiful and surreal.
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This is an unbelievable shot!
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Absolutely gorgeous shot! :D
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wow! this is absolutely beautiful! :heart:
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Wow, nice starry sky... it looks calming.
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this looks like the church up the headland near me. I walked past it today and it looks so pretty covered in snow :) x
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:) These old churches look great in snow
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