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River Radiant: An alternative

I wasnt sure whether to post this on not because it is so similar in many ways to the original post [link] . Ultimately though I prefer this at the moment, and I think the water looks sufficiently weird that other people might be interested.

The water does look very unrealistic, but its not faked in any way, its just a result of the reflection throught he trees from the sunset and the long 30 second exposure

I must emphasise that the processing here is very mimimal. The water has been saturated, but only slightly. The foliage has been saturated a bit more. The water used an exposure which was 0.5 stops darker.
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so realistically, how dark was it when you took this? And this is surreal!
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well light enough that you could see easily. In terms of brightness I would say it would be the equivalent of 20 minutes after sunset on a clear day.
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This is a beautiful shot!
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I love it !
...nice pic's :p

please visit and "add" me Photo Facebook Fan Page here: [link]

thank's ;)

Michael :D
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Great image.
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Very Very nice nice!
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Good evening,

My name is Peter Sawyer and I write on behalf of Phototuts+ ([link])

I would like to feature this image in an article I am currently writing about long exposure photography.
A link to the image, and the name of the piece would be given in the article.

Please let me know if you are ok with this ASAP.

Thanks Peter
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Could you link to [link] instead please? Thanks :)

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Awesome. No probs.

Might be a month or two until it goes up... editors choice. Will send a link when I can.
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Amazing! Very nice colours. I think I saw this photo in Juza forum...
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Great photo alexander :) I like it
Carried in Cruzine: [link]
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You have been featured [link] :heart: Thanks for the great work! :aww:
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I love the contrast between the wter and the really detailed sharp foliage Great job :)
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Thanks very much
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low shutter at it's best!

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This type of shot is near and dear to my heart. Well done. :)
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Fabulous! Just fabulous!
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