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Chameleon Calendar

By alex2539
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Chameleon Calendar
New version released! v1.16
The Chameleon Calendar is a calendar skin for Rainmeter designed to be highly customizable. By modifying the "" file, the Chameleon Calendar can fit into any desktop theme! All of the calendars shown above were created just by modifying the settings.

You can change:
- The language used
- The way the date is highlighted (6 different ways that can be mixed and matched!)
- The font face, color, size, style and alignment
- The background color
- The size of each cell
- The spacing between cells
- Whether or not the name of the month appears
- Whether the week starts on Monday or Sunday
- ...And more!

All of this just by editing some words in a simple text file. No confusing code, no mucking about in .ini files, just the settings.

Changes in version 1.1
- Middle-clicking the calendar will now open "" in the default editor.
- Margins can now be set on every side of the calendar.
- Along with changing the font color of the highlighted day, you can now also change the font size and string style.
- All of the spacing between elements, including the new margins, can now be colored.
- The background, the margins, the highlight square and all of the gaps between elements can now optionally display an image.
- The update rate was slowed to once per second instead of twice per second to lower CPU usage. However, this means the calendar will load somewhat slower. It can be changed back by modifying the line "Update=1000" in the [Rainmeter] section of calendar.ini.
- A backup set of default settings are now included. To restore the settings to the default, simply delete "" and then copy and rename "" to "".

Changes in version 1.15
- Added highlight effects for the current weekday. They function exactly like the current highlight effects, minus row/column highlighting. Also fixed some typos and inconsistencies.

Changes in version 1.16
- A bug where the days would be shifted if MondayIsFirst=1 and a left margin was set has been fixed Thanks to Chewtoy for it pointing out
- Some other minor bug fixes.

WARNING: The default settings are very boring. It is highly recommended that you open up that file and be creative.

Comments and suggestions for new features are welcome. If you believe something is missing, mention it here or on the Rainmeter Forums. If it's feasible, I just might add it to the next version.

The skin is in the new .rmskin format. This is a new way of packaging skins included with Rainmeter 1.2. To install a skin, all you need to do is open up the .rmskin and let Rainstaller (by Poiru) work its magic. No more hunting down you skins folder, just run the skin!

Requires Rainmeter v1.2 or higher.
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says "invalid rmskin"
MintBlancmancheF50GT's avatar
the previous and next month days are still shown, even if they are set to off :S
Agelyk's avatar
super buged guy :S
aficks's avatar
i can't instal
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Very interesting!
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yeah, either remove it or fix the downlaod package! we can't install it!!!
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Still produces invalid package error when attempting to install!

Fix it or remove it!
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This shit is bugged - cant open...
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Hi, I'm in the same boat as broberge. How do you mount this .rmskin package other than double clicking on it, once removed from the .zip file.
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Hi, I'm unable to install it. I have Rainmeter 3.02. When I double click on Chameleon.rmskin, I get "Invalid package: Chameleon.rmskin. The Skin Packager must be used to create valid .rmskin packages". Any idea ???
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Brilliant as it's nearly possible to customize it as you wish !

I found how to resolve the annoying bug related to the previous days' color of the 1st week :
The formula depends on the setting of the "AlwaysTwoDigits" parameter ; if you've set it to "1", there's no bug, but if it's set to "0", only the previous Sat of the present day is in the right color, all of the previous other days are in the same color of the present day.
Check the formulas related to "Mon0FontColor", "Tue0FontColor"... and so on (lines # 965, 970, 975, 980, 985) (neither the Sunday nor the Saturday formulas are affected). You can simplify the formula not to check the "AlwaysTwoDigits" parameter, which gaves :

Before : "Formula=(Mon0Day>2) && (Mon0Day<((#AlwaysTwoDigits#)?12300:0))?(#ShowExtraDays# ? -1 : -3):((TodayFontAttributes) && ((Mon0Day=MeasureDay) || (Mon0Day=MeasureDay+12300)) ? -4 : -2)"
After :    "Formula=(Mon0Day>2) && (Mon0Day<12300)?(#ShowExtraDays# ? -1 : -3):((TodayFontAttributes) && ((Mon0Day=MeasureDay) || (Mon0Day=MeasureDay+12300)) ? -4 : -2)"

Sorry I can't avoid the displaying of the smileys, but if you copy the whole formula in the notepad, you should see a correct expression.
Repeat the process for lines # 965, 970, 975, 980, 985. Simple as that.

Hope I don't infringe with the rules of the deviantart comments, else please tell me and I'll correct.

For the installation bug, I had it too, but it may be related to the fact I was on an older version (2.5), so I extracted the file after renaming it with ".zip" extension, and I copied the whole folder to my usual rainmeter folder skins, and refreshed it. But maybe it's OK with a newer version (we are officially on v. 3.0.2 now).
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Excelente respuesta! Muchas Gracias!

candybubblesweety's avatar
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Cannot install, Invalid Package?
TiffanyValentine's avatar
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Couldnt install after un-zipping?? Any help??
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I found and fixed the bug showing wrong date when reversing and moving forward months. Now it is the best calendar Rainmeter, works without error. I'm going to publish it in Polish.
Znalazłem i naprawiłem błąd złego pokazywania daty przy cofaniu i przesuwaniu do przodu miesięcy. Teraz to jest najlepszy kalendarz Rainmeter, działa bez błędnie. Mam zamiar opublikować go po polsku.
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I'ts good to know, please tell me how to fix my too :)
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This is going to prove useful.
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I am new to rainlendar, and I have to say that I found your calendar to be most excelent :aww:

I only have an issue: The calendar doesn't seem to load correctly the days, at least this month. Although I configured the calendar not to show previous and next month's days, It still show last month's. I think this is because I set the calendar to start on monday, and this months starts on sunday (giving the previous month an entire week).

I have also a question. In the .INC file it mentions settings for gcalendar integration. Are you still developing that?
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Hi alex,
Excellent calendar, though the sheer amount of settings one can customize is a bit overwhelming at first. :thumbsup::) You have done a great service to the Rainmeter community by allowing the rest of we skinners to be lazy and use your skin instead of making our own. ;)

Stopping in to mention that I am having an issue with the days from the previous month - the colors will not change, and turning off ShowExtraDays does not make them disappear. The days from the next month function fine, it's just the previous month dates don't seem to be affected by settings changes...
I've tried taking a peek at the actual .ini but I must say the workings of calendar skins are entirely beyond my comprehension, so I was wondering if you had any suggestions? I glanced through the comments but did not spot anything similar.

Thanks much!
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I can't get to the settings
so I can't change it :(
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You should be able to open "" in notepad.
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