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Game of Thrones: character comparison by height

as requested on the Game of Thrones Reddit page, a reference to the height of all the different characters in HBO series: A Game of Thrones.

For practical reasons, this is based on the height of the actors instead of the height of the characters in the books.
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jon is shorter than sansa isnt he
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I have to laugh that the wolf is almost as tall as I am.
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Isn't this the show that the White Walkers are from?
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You can click on the download button to see the full size image ;)
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I imagine it would be harder to make them accurate from the books, so it seems like a wise option to do the TV ones. Did you use Conan Stevens for The Mountain or the latest dude in season 4?
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yeah I didn't have the time to do one based on the books, I would love to do a reread and make one based on the actual characters, but it would take a lot of time. I might do one about the mountain and the hound "soon". I used Conan Stevens for The Mountain in this one since it was made during season 2 ;)
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I dont think they describe the height in full detail of every character. We do have an idea of how tall Robert Baratheon, Khal Drogo, Gregor Clegane and Ned Stark are (I think), but not every one of them gets described in that much depth... But I havent read them for a while, so I can't remeber for sure. In the book Robert was at least one head taller than Ned Stark and was very massive (even if you dont count his fatness). And he wielded a two-handed warhammer (I dont think it was Valyrian steel though, just like a "special" order he made for the smith), that Ned Stark could barely lift it apparently. Imagine how strong he must have been! XD I suppose The Mountain could be comparible in that and might be able to wield a weapon like that, but it seems he preffered slashing his enemies (or anyone for that matter!) rather than crushing lol

I think Khal Drogo may have been about as tall as Ser Gregor, but a tiny bit shorter and more toned, rather than wide and massive like Clegane, but its very tricky actually, I'm really struggling to remeber that! We need to ask G RR Martin to do like a small talk session with like pictures and chart etc to explain how tall some of his notable characters are XD
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lol that would be great haha :P
If I remember correctly Robbert and his brothers are somewhere in the 6'5 region so pretty tall guys. Drogo is huge like the hound and both would be considered giants if it wasn't for big bro Gregor.

I would love some more info on it, but I imagine GRMM might have more pressing matters :P Maybe in the World of Westeros book?
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I could only hope, since I don't actually have that particular book as of yet. Might grab one later!

Robert would be the biggest and toughest though. Renly and Stannis might generally be somewhat similar, with Stannis being a bit more fit for combat I would imagine. In fact, look at Jason Stathan and that's bascially Stannis Baratheon LOL
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Hey, I'm Sansa's height. And I'm taller than Joffery. Hell yeah.
You missed Tywin. Tywin's some centimeter larger than Jaime.
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Wow, there are actually characters I like who are around my height (5'4"). Clearly it's cosplay time.
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Hodor put some cloth on!
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Sweet. I can see what theory you hold to as to what Jon's parentage is... :P
Have to agree with you though :)
Brilliant image!
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I thought the mountain was 8 feet tall.
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You are absolutely correct, the mountain is described as being over 8 feet tall several times in the books, but like I mentioned in the description, this chart is made based on the actors in the series out of practical reasons (I love the books but I don't really feel like doing a re-read just to find clues how tall everyone is, especially because many main characters never have their height detailed ;))
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Well that is true, this pic shows how hard it would be to make the characters exactly like in the books, 'cause King Robert is almost as huge as the mountain.
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if I remember from correctly Robert was around 6'10 with the mountain speculated to be 8'2, Renly and Stannis would be just a bit shorter than Robert, but the height of many of the more average height characters is never commented upon, making it hard to do a complete line-up.
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Not that tall. The estimates based off book quotes are

Gregor: "closer to eight than seven" and "almost eight feet", so between 7'6 and 8'0 but under 8.

Hodor: bang on 7'0

Sandor: "slightly taller than Brienne." 6'8 seems plausible.

Brienne and Robert: "six and a half feet" or 6'6.

Stannis is something like 6'4 approximately and Renly is the runt at about 6'0, possivly slightly more.

Other qualifiers for tall ones are Greatjon and Smalljon Umber with the former as tall as Hodor but bulkier, and the latter nearly as tall but probably will grow to be taller.
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Yeah I know... damn I can't wait for TWoW, it's gonna be one hell of a book.
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