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lake scene 2 by alex-the-artist01, visual art

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Yin Yang by alex-the-artist01, visual art

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just an average guy looking for love

my favorite quotes

"you can't have your actors just announce how they feel; that makes feel me angry!" the robot devil

"this concept of wuv confuses and infuriates us"
ler of the planet omicron Persia 8

"Lois, lunch is a sin, taking a break is a sin, bestiality is a sin, not sure how that came up exactly..."
peter griffin

"it's better they here it from me now, then from their parents when they're old enough" Homer Simpson

If you immediately know the candlelight is fire, then the meal was cooked a long time ago.

Your modesty is indecent. Hawk eye

most video tape was destroyed in 2446 during the second coming of Jesus. professor Hubert Farnsworth

its true what they say women are from omicron Persia 7 men are from omicron Persia 9

your not nice. Robot devil

the very young do not always do as they are told.

In this house we obey the laws of thermo dynamics. Homer Simpson

good news everybody the university is bringing me up on disciplinary charges. Hebert Farnsworth

don't you ever knock, who knows what naughty things I could be watching I get new Orleans on this thing you know. Robot Santa

today teens have enough problems without me eating them. homer Simpson

"... it's just like making love you know left right rotate 62 degree's activate rooter." bender

Marge: revenge never solved anything.
Homer: then what are we doing in Iraq?

"Breathing is good. I defiantly want to make a habit of that." Arthur

"it Togs first time, BE GENTAL!" tog of the planet Amazonia

"I had this dream that me and my family were just cartoon characters, and our shows success created a huge propaganda channel called fox news." Bart Simpson

"good jobs good, shady jobs bad" chii

"having sex on prom night is as American as our 51st state Saudi isrealea" jenda

"if you like to join please keep your arms and legs outside the pentagram." Lisa Fukuyama

"this can only end in tears" Marvin

"quit flirting with that tree and get over here" Cacao

mew: what the hell is that? Excuse me what on earth are you watching in the middle of broad daylight?
Ren: it's called porn.

"at first I went mad of course, but after a few millennia I got bored of that to and went sane." paradox

the appetizer is red snapper Carpaccio topped with caviar, the soup is golden consume, the main dish is roasted hole pig and roasted hole cow and roasted hole elephant, and roasted whole creature of unknown origin

but it seemed like such a waist to have it stay empty after the hot spring dried up so I did what any right thinking person would I filled it with alligators and bananas.

"I have been a hunter of peace, chasing the elusive may fly known as love; for many many moons now there is no rest for me in search of peace. I meditate diligently every morning; the subjects are life and love. I quit after three seconds" vash the stampede

Current Residence: mn

Favourite Movies
thomas crown affair
Favourite Games
diablo 2
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
women, art, music, women, tv, video games, did i mention women
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on January 30th my premium membership ends so my uploads may become more spiritic since I wont have the ability to schedule uploads and it is not worth it to keep premium membership since I got it for the pre eclipse statistics. even if I get locked out of all my stats its not that big of a loss do to how wildly inaccurate they are. first are the page views which on classic were accurate up to the second of viewing the page now it takes 2 days of waiting to see what how many people are viewing my page and are inaccurate since the day before I upload something popular I see a huge spike in people visiting my page but the day of uploading that popular photo the statistic see a marked decrease in people visiting my page. next is the stats of the photos themselves for example this photo according to my statistic page say it has 14.2k views but when I go to the stats on the photo itself it says it only has 10k views and i know from my followers that eclipes is rounding numbers up that
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For the past week my work has been getting the same number of views and likes as if I had not been uploading at all and I think I know why. since 90% of my likes comes from my watchers since because of how eclipse has structured things to make being seen by others extremely difficult since the topics tab is dominated by people who regularly receive 1000 like and the new deviation tab any work there is gone after 30 seconds and you have to spend 20 minutes min just to find your own work. the only actually saving grace for me is my watchers. but NOW da has fucked that up for me since in the deviants you watch tab on the home menu is now only showing stuff that dose NOT have its content marked as Mature which is the content that most of my followers come to see so it basically looks like i have not uploaded all week this week. to all my watchers if you want to see my work you must go up to the WATCH button to see what I have uploaded don't use the button on the side on the NEW side
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well my vacation has been 2020ed; was not suppose to be back home till mid day on the 26th however its a case of everything going wrong overcast the first two days so no night sky photography, places I wanted to go were unaccusable do to road construction then Abigale hit and the weather it brought with it ended any hope of doing any travel photography in South Dakota so Monday I will start uploading again. so to not dwell on this year I'll focus on next year. some of the photos I plan to start uploading next year around July very clearly break DA rules which means I can not post them here. so do any of my watchers have a suggestion of places I could upload them to that are NOT porn sites. I should start thinking about this now if anyone on here would be interested in seeing them.
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if you like what i shoot here then i put up this donation pool to help me pay the model fees this is a stop gap measure while i figure out if i should start a patreon/bentbox account

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