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Renaissance Green Lantern by alex-sukehiro Renaissance Green Lantern :iconalex-sukehiro:alex-sukehiro 4 1 Renaissance Flash by alex-sukehiro Renaissance Flash :iconalex-sukehiro:alex-sukehiro 1 0 Farore's Hardships by alex-sukehiro Farore's Hardships :iconalex-sukehiro:alex-sukehiro 4 5 The Goddesses by alex-sukehiro The Goddesses :iconalex-sukehiro:alex-sukehiro 7 7 Pathway to Wonder by alex-sukehiro Pathway to Wonder :iconalex-sukehiro:alex-sukehiro 4 0 Peace and Quiet by alex-sukehiro Peace and Quiet :iconalex-sukehiro:alex-sukehiro 2 0 The Peace of Snow by alex-sukehiro The Peace of Snow :iconalex-sukehiro:alex-sukehiro 1 8
There is something to be said
For a loss of innocence;
That is, a loss of one's naiveté.
In many ways, you were
A physical manifestation of my loss.
You were logic without reason
(Yes, quite a contradiction),
A hostel to my inner rebel.
You were the personalization
Of deeper wounds,
Manifest in soothing words
And a belittling tone.
In return for innocence
You gave me uncertainty;
A knowledge that the world
Does not work the way I wish it to.
You replaced my rosy glasses
With hazy shades fit for
The artists that you praised;
You raved the world was what we made of it.
In return for book smarts,
You made me think in circles
Of so-called logic.
When I reach for faith,
Your voice bleeds into my thoughts,
Criticizing and cautioning me
Back from the precipice.
Still, for all this
There was some part of you which
Felt like home to me -
Like the still-standing fireplace
Left in the aftermath of a hurricane's fury.
Confusion and guilt became an abode
In which only apathy could thrive,
:iconalex-sukehiro:alex-sukehiro 3 5
Bustling Ghost Town by alex-sukehiro Bustling Ghost Town :iconalex-sukehiro:alex-sukehiro 1 1 Lamp Posts to Narnia by alex-sukehiro Lamp Posts to Narnia :iconalex-sukehiro:alex-sukehiro 0 2 -.Noel.-Drawing Practice I by alex-sukehiro -.Noel.-Drawing Practice I :iconalex-sukehiro:alex-sukehiro 1 14
Angel Eyes
        All at once, she was changing in my eyes - falling gracefully like the sun at dusk, which sinks into its earthly cradle.
Her hair once held with pins and barrettes now flowed as a river freed of constraint, her brunette curls cascading in the glow of evening candles lit once again for mass.
The frills of her dress swished violently against the porcelain skin of her legs as if it, too, were vehemently retracting her steps into this God-forsaken place.
But there is no recanting now.
Terror rips its way through her eyes, her melodic voice twisting into an unearthly scream.
Vibrant red splatters against a beige woven tapestry in hand-prints and footprints and this-and-that prints that one could call beautiful (if one were so completely obsessed). Yet even now there exists no paranormal trace of this angel's wings.
Her form collides with marble flooring and her mouth forms a pretty little "o" of
:iconalex-sukehiro:alex-sukehiro 1 8
DUDE....tictac by alex-sukehiro DUDE....tictac :iconalex-sukehiro:alex-sukehiro 1 4
Time to Climb
Break the surface,
  Claw from the grave -
Gasping for air
  Like I’m bursting through waves.
Held under so long,
  Now it’s time to break free -
Time to be rid of
  These weights holding me.
The rising sun
  Calls from the distance
Your voice on the wind
  Tells me this is my chance.
“Run and keep going,
  Run and don’t stop -
See the mountain in the distance?
  Climb to the top.
On wings like eagles,
  Soar from this place
To a land of forgiveness,
  To a river of grace.
The past is behind you,
  So press on, my child,
No longer believing
  That you are defiled.
Listen to Me now,
  Hear my voice call.
Find in Me your strength,
  Your all-in-all.
Leave the past to itself,
  Leave your fears behind -
          Run towards the mountain;
:iconalex-sukehiro:alex-sukehiro 2 8
-Blind Men, Blind Men-
You've closed your eyes, stopped up your ears
Cuddled false security to soothe all your fears
Let the world burn in torment as you isolate yourself -
For there's nothing to fear but the loaded gun on your shelf
The children cry out, the tables are bare
But you in your stupor have nothing to spare
Your eyes are bloodshot and your arms are bruised
While a homeless man begs for money to buy food
Blind man, Blind man, what will open your eyes?
Who will rescue you from a cynic's demise?
Let your ears open to the singing of Cain
While his brother's blood washes away in the rain
Justice cries out while our judges sit bribed,
Numb to the poison they've forced us to imbibe.
And they're hanging the innocent on loopholes and clauses,
While they shove down the green to keep skeletons in closets.
Dump all your bodies in cold, dreary gutters
Wash your hands clean with a priest's deified mutters  -
For freedom is ringing for the right price up state
Where you, too, can change your name and
:iconalex-sukehiro:alex-sukehiro 2 21
:Winter Solace: - 2 by alex-sukehiro :Winter Solace: - 2 :iconalex-sukehiro:alex-sukehiro 3 3


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Come Shush-Hush by werol Come Shush-Hush :iconwerol:werol 212 31 treasure me by werol treasure me :iconwerol:werol 2,595 310 the road is blessed II by werol the road is blessed II :iconwerol:werol 2,308 310 Oxygene 13 by werol Oxygene 13 :iconwerol:werol 3,417 271 Nature's Kingdom by werol Nature's Kingdom :iconwerol:werol 3,689 311 ... invitation by werol ... invitation :iconwerol:werol 8,583 926 Time Machine by werol Time Machine :iconwerol:werol 18,390 1,329 070413084309 by EntrezSansFrapper 070413084309 :iconentrezsansfrapper:EntrezSansFrapper 358 19


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Honestly, I'm mostly writing this entry because I was tired of looking at the last one, heh. 

I've been pretty busy with work and other preparations lately and haven't had much time to write or do other artsy, productive things. 
One of these days I'll get back to that. 

I should have a bit of time in the near future to upload some pictures I took at a Renaissance festival...last year. *cough*

Either way, hopefully you'll see some updates from me soon. You'll definitely see some around May, if all goes according to plan. 

Have a wonderful evening and take care! :)



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"Words are more treacherous and powerful than we think."
~Jean-Paul Sartre



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