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My hearts hope...
In the shadows of life we will face trials and temptations that we were never meant to face.   Many beings suffer from these trials and cannot overcome the pain and suffering of their afflictions.   Why then do we as human beings carry on through life, what is it that drives the human spirit to carry on and survive when the rest of nature seems so hell bent on forcing us to give in?
For some it's the taste of a bittersweet drink that lets them forget their troubles until the new day.   And so they quite literally 'drink' their troubles away.   Slowly destroying their body and mind with each innocent sip.
Others try to fend off the truth as they suck upon the warm crisp of the small white paper shafts.   But they too only serve to fool the mind while slowly eating away at the body.   For with each inhale of the warm murky cloud given off by the innocent little cylinder, eats more and more of the lu
:iconalex-strife:Alex-Strife 0 0
Cause its how the Irish play by Alex-Strife Cause its how the Irish play :iconalex-strife:Alex-Strife 0 4
I wonder, now as I lay here in the night, if some of us are just not meant to be.   I watch as those around me find the heart's desire and find their peace and love.   And yet, as I sit here I know that those I care for walk away, for a time they speak words so sweet, say things and give promisses they will never keep.   I smile as I hear them speak of their love and yet, soon they turn and walk away, having found a heart that gives them more.   More then I shall ever be, its painful at times, to hear the ones I love say they shall always love me, then they just walk away and leave me in the darkness, an echo of a forgotten part of there life.   Oh sure I may have been something for a time, and in that time they let themselves be ruled by foolish emotions and false hopes.   Perhaps thats why, when I hear them say they love me, it only stabs the knife deeper through my heart.   Oh th
:iconalex-strife:Alex-Strife 1 2
My Life, My fight...
What is my life, if not but a fight,
I fight for my right, but what is that right.
Is it the right to fight, or perhaps a right to be a light.
To face each day and each night, with the might,
That someday, some way I might go beyond my fight.
Can I have such a right, to live a life without my fight,
Or am I to fight for my right to live life with all my might.
Why, why must I find the way,
Why can't I just get away.
I want to live free, I want to live right,
I want to be away from my endless night.
I want a life, without this pain,
This pain that will not die, the pain of never knowing why.
Why oh why must I go on, to go on and on without end.
A never ending night, my never ending fight.
I come and go with each night, and in each night,
I fight.
I have but one life, I have but one right,
My right, my life, is the fight against the night.
:iconalex-strife:Alex-Strife 0 4
To Be.
To be what we are to be
Are you to be by fate, by force,
Or are we to be by choice, are we meant to be what we wish to be,
If so are we destine to be what we wish to be, can we say that fate has no hold over us
Fated to be what we do not see, and in the light we fight to face that fate we do not wish to be
For in the heart we are apart, body, soul, and mind we are all once and none, each to carry our fate
Leaving to us the fate that we force ourselves to see, and by doing, we change our fate, and become free.
:iconalex-strife:Alex-Strife 1 2
Fear of the heart
I have become what all men fear, the darkness consuming the light as the last bits of hope fall away as a fading cry.   I leave no trace, no chance, no life in my wake.   My power is limitless, my might unequaled.   My vileness is merciless and my judgement without remorse, I have because what brave men fear in the darkest of nights. I am that which lays dorment in the souls of the wicked until the time is right, I spring forth without warning and without pause, and in my strike I leave nothing to chance.   I am what you fear, I am the darkness unleashed, I am, the part of you that you have never wished to face.
:iconalex-strife:Alex-Strife 1 4
Teaching The Children
This is how it happened...I just finished the household chores for the night and was preparing to go to bed, when I heard a noise in the front of the house. I opened the door to the front room and to my surprise, Santa himself stepped out from behind the Christmas tree.
He placed his finger over his mouth so I would not cry out. "What are you doing?" I started to ask. The words choked up in my throat, and I saw he had tears in his eyes. His usual jolly manner was gone. Gone was the eager, boisterous soul we all know.
He then answered me with a simple statement.
I was puzzled; what did he mean? He anticipated my question, and with one quick movement brought forth a miniature toy bag from behind the tree. As I stood bewildered, Santa said,
"Teach the children! Teach them the old meaning of Christmas. The meaning that now-a-days Christmas has forgotten."
Santa then reached in his bag and pulled out a FIR TREE and placed it before the mantle.
"Teach the children that
:iconalex-strife:Alex-Strife 0 4
Whisper of Night
Into the darkness I come as a shadow of night
In the cold shallows I whisper of the light
I speak for the words that could never be said
I speak for the memories of the dreams now dead
What more has this memory of life's last symphony
What tattered heart and soul's final cry in anarchy
Watch now as this whisper fades in the night
Listen as final breath leaves the shadow of light
:iconalex-strife:Alex-Strife 1 5
The Lone Tear
Its feels like forever now, I've walked along this trail, lives come and go and still, I stand alone.   I call myself the wind now days, because I come into one's life when they need it most, and then, when its time has past I simple fade away.   You know I've cried alot, for many reasons, but none so great as what I tell you now.
This burden that I carry, it weighs heavy on my soul.   I guess walking in this life has finally taken its toll.   I burn inside, a pain none seem to see, a pain that travels along with me, it never eases, never calms, it grows more violent by the moment, more painful by the hour.   Sometimes it gets the best of me, and weighs upon my heart, in those times one tear does fall, one and one alone.   It flows from left eye to jaw, its trail burns long after, I can  feel it even now, it feels its burned for all eternity.   Its funny how I can shed countless tears for those around me, but this one that falls for me, weighs so much it could shatter bones and break t
:iconalex-strife:Alex-Strife 0 13
Turn Away..
There I stood, on this dark day
And there you went, just turned away
I wish you would just tell me here
I wish again, I could hold you near
Give you that chance, give you an ear
To have someone take away your fear
But you just turn away
Ignoring me for another day
Oh I wish I could find the way
To bring me back to you someday
:iconalex-strife:Alex-Strife 0 2
The Alex Strife by Alex-Strife The Alex Strife :iconalex-strife:Alex-Strife 0 7
Unseeing Eyes
Can you see what cannot be seen, can you hear in the voice, what so many hide in there eyes...Can you listen to the cry of one's heart as they smile and tell you everything is ok, can you see the unshed tears in the eyes of the one man who claims never to have such a thing...Watch now and listen, to this heart's cry, as it screams out in its agony, the eyes never once letting a tear fall as his lips smile and say all is well, he is a liar, he hides what he truly is and none can see the pain of his broken mind, what is truly left of him he gladly gives away, helping others like himself, for he can see those unshed tears, he can here the screaming of the broken hearts and shattered dreams, pray for the ones that he holds up, and pray for the man who's eyes see what none can see in him...
:iconalex-strife:Alex-Strife 0 6
Once Shattered
A heart torn by shaken hands
Shattered dreams and broken words
Unseeing eyes gaze through streams of unshed tears
A soul tired and weak in the darkness
Fallen, broken, nothing more
Then the light breaks through the darkness
Then the heavens doth open their arms
Picking up the shattered pieces
Taking in the broken words
All for love that was never shown
But you see what is beyond the here and now
It is you who know what hearts come and go
You who loves the loveless soul
You who cleanse the darkness whole
Blessed be your faithfulness
For in you, our hearts find rest
:iconalex-strife:Alex-Strife 0 8
No title
Watching from afar his dreams
Time moves slower or so it seems
He screams out praying
His heart torn and shattering
Let not your life be broken
He heard from the shadows spoken
Who calls out to me he asks
Please tell me now why I have these tasks
Its to much I cannot take it
Its just so hard I just can't shake it
Just don't give up nor give in
You know I've forgiven all of your sin
So stay strong my child of love
And you shall fly free just like a dove
:iconalex-strife:Alex-Strife 0 9
Early Mornings Words
I have dreamed my dreams
And yet all is not as it seems
In my heart there is strife
Why can't I find peace in this life
It is in my hour of need
That to you my heart pleads
I need your strength to be true
I need your love to guide me through
Help me of Lord for this I pray
Safely I your arms to stay
Be carried by your gentle touch
Because its you I love so much
So Lord God I call to you
Bless me now and keep me true
Let not my heart be left alone
Take me now and let me atone
To this world I ask your care
Your words I pray you let me share
Good night oh earth of which I dwell
So long to you and farewell
:iconalex-strife:Alex-Strife 0 7
God Bless Texas
For those of you who don't live in Texas and want to move here, come on, we have plenty of room for you.
If Kerry is elected President:
After listening to all the gloating in the press and seeing the liberal whiners along the inauguration route, the folks from Texas would probably decide to take matters into there own hands.   To wit:
#1: If he gets elected, let Kerry become President of the 49 United States.
#2: Texas will SECEDE FROM THE UNION as guaranteed by our right to do so when we joined the Union.
#3: George W. Bush becomes the President of the Republic of Texas.
Will we survive as a Republic?  Well, lets see... NASA's in Houston (so, we basically control the space industry).
85% of gasoline in the United States is refined in Texas City.
Over 65% of the defense industry is located here. (The term "DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS" would take on a whole new meaning).
Oil - we can supply all the oil that the Republic of Texas will need for the ne
:iconalex-strife:Alex-Strife 0 2

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Wow, DA is a place that feels like a distant memory to me now. I've not done anything here in ages, and as much as it might have pained me once, I most likely will never do anything here again.

Sure it was a lot of fun, but my interests over time have changed, I've moved on to other places, other styles of writing and ideas. I still write, though what I do know will never end up here. Its posted else where, in a new world as it were.

Many things from this world I'd like to forget, though all of you reading this are not one of those. So to you all I can God Bless, thanks for keeping tabs this long and sorry I left. I look at this occationally but its not a place I'd come often, my focus now days is on my new works and stories, they take up my time now.

So long everyone, take care and thanks for all the fish(haha with those who get the reference) Take care guys, maybe you'll track me down or hit me up for the new world I dwell in now. Either way, peace out.


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