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so i lost all my models lol, so if i wasn't inactive enough already LMaO here u go being extra inaCTIVE
tagged by wifey :icondatkaty: Racing Girl Emoji (Heart shot wink) [V3] 

She took a Durarara character so have masaomi to make up for the lack of him in my list cuz i cant repeat fandoms smh
ALSO SHE TOOK MYSME AND THAT MEANS NO V IM- ( i also love corspe party ;; )

Here: Masaomi Kida (That's me) [V1] V Mystic Messenger - gif icon 02 V Mystic Messenger - gif icon 01 V Mystic Messenger - gif icon 04 V Mystic Messenger - gif icon 03 Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 

Rules :
1 - You must list 10 different favorite characters (or people) from 10 different fandoms
2 - Tag at least 10 people 


1. Haruka - Free !
2. Mika - ONS
3. Oka - Yandere Simulator
4. Kyo - Fruits Baskets
5. Daniel Howell - YouTube ( is that a fandom ?? )
6. Lance - Voltron
7. Touka - Tyokyo Ghoul
* is running out of ideas Nico Not Impressed Icon*

8. Lana - The legends of Zelda
9. Yurio - YOI
10. Yukine - Noragami 

Llama Emoji 32 (Mah Burger) [V2] that was too hard but b ye i tag no one oops Eating Racing Girl Emoji (Lovely bye bye wave) [V3]  
Tagged by wifey DatKaty 

1. write the rules in your journal entry if you're tagged.
2. Write 13 things about yourself.
3. Answer 13 question made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
4. Tag 13 deviants, make sure they know they're tagged 
5. Don't say "You're tagged if you read this" 
6. It's forbidden not to tag anyone, no tagging back.

1. I'm a self taught artist but I suck at drawing lol
2. I'm a literal trash can
3. I'm married to Jihyun Kim pls back off thx
4. I love my ocs more than real people ( unless ur katy cuz then i love my wifey ;D )
5. I make a lot of MMD models only to delete them or never use lol oops
6. I don't have many friends but hold my close friends very dear
7. I speak French & a bit of Japanesse
8. I want to be an animator when I grow up :'3
9. I reallY WanT tO leaRN Korean
10. I'm in about 20 fandoms, and I won't list them
11. I am the MOST boring person you'll ever meet
12. I cried when V's route was realeased for about an hour
13. I am Pansexual 

1. Hello, how was your day? ^w^
I have no words, just emotes ; :bademoticon: NOOOO sobbing - crying Danisnotonfire 14 

2. Do you like traveling?
Yes! Though I don't do it often T^T

3. Do you like Vocaloid? If yes, who's your favorite?
I do! I gotta say my favorite is either Gumi or Meiko! But I also really love my Kagamine twins aha

What's your favorite Otome and/or Visual novel?
Do you really need to ask? Mystic Messenger holds a dear spot inmy heart *cough cough* jihyun kim is sexy *cough*

5. Do you believe in supernatural stuff? (Like ghosts, aliens etc.)
Kinda, Though I;m not sure

6. What is your favorite urban legend? Or which one do you think is the creepiest? (Doesn't have to be one from your country)
THOSE SCARE ME OMG, BUT! I love the clown in the basement and IDK why cuz I hate clowns

7. Do you know BTS? If yes, who is your bias?
I am familiar with them but I don't know it well enough but I heard there's a member named V and so I automatically love them

8. Who's your husbando?
Is this even a question I need to answer? I pretty sure y'all know....JIHYUN FREAKING KIM Renge's Fantasies 

Who's your waifu?
Jahee and :icondatkaty:

10. Which "dere" type are you?
hol' up, lemme take a test.
* jeopardy music *
I'm a Dandere !
If you don't know what that means :
You are a quiet type. You maybe shy and wanting people to come to you first so that they'll see your inner kindness, but hey, not everything will go as the way you planned, so try to communicate and be more open to others, okay? I believe everyone wants to see that inner beauty of yours!

11.Your favorite color?
Baby blue !

12. Whats your spirit animal? (It's a weird question i know but pls don't judge meh ;-; )

13. Do you know what SCP means?
Isn't it some kind of creepypasta refernce? Idl, I've seen it before, ugly lil doods


1. Favorite game?
2. Favorite singer / group?
3. Best quality of the person who tagged you?
4. Favorite Otome character?
5. Chocolate or vanilla? Or neither?
6. Cats or dogs?
7. What Is Gibby thinking about ( pls get this refernce )
8. Single or taken ;)))
9. Least favorite color
10. Favorite ship?
11. Least favorite ship?
12. Opinions on OC x Canon??
13. Are we done yet

Pexxastar-OLD ScarletPotatoSama Hilletcat and thats all cuz im lazy bye
Can ANYONE help me find a GOOD hair physics tutorial? I have this hair, with no physics but I want to add physics. I don't want to ask someone to add physics for me cuz that's annoying for them ;;

I've tried so many tutorials and they all have the same reasult ; hair flopping to the ground deep into the depths of hell.

I don't know what to do

have some dan to imagine my mood

What The F**k Dan edition  Danisnotonfire 7 Danisnotonfire 19 Dan - Icon WHYY Bye [YT danisnotonfire] 
I've never been tagged before owo 

Tagged by :iconhilletcat:

1. Answer the 13 questions made by the deviant who tagged you, then make your own 13 questions.
2. Tag 13 deviants.
3. Don't say "you're tagged if you read this."
4. It is forbidden not to mention anyone.
5. Lastly, don't tag the person who tagged you.

Questions From Them:

1.What are your favorite memes?
pepe Doge troll emote oh and me
2.Who are your favorite Youtubers?
Happy/Victorious Good Luck Markiplier Emoticon :bademoticon: 
 Bijuu Mike, Yandere Dev, Jake from the Kub Scoutz and MattPatt is okayyy
3.Your Favorite song?
I gotta say Fireflies by Owl city or Castle on a hill by Ed Sheeran
(sad that fireflies is a meme, idk whyNOOOO sobbing - crying)
4.Where do you want to live?
Japan! I wanna see the cherry Blossoms in action! Also wanna be a manga artist maybe or an anime creator ohoho
5.U know BTS?
6.What is goals for you?
:bademoticon: Miraculous Ladybug - Marinette - Icon WTF Marinette emoticon WOE IS ME Marinette emoticon Miraculous Ladybug - Marinette - Icon 
7.What are your fandoms?
:bademoticon: Yato and Hiyori (Snuggy) [V1] Levi Rivaille (Time to Kill) [V2] Ciel and Lizzy (Huggy) [V1] Touko Fukawa (Togami Fangirling) [V2] Lelelelelele Haru Mako Rei Hazu Dance [V1] Hatsune Miku-09 (No No No No) Haruhi Confused Icon Phan 2 (Shizuo Intensifies) F2U icon Pepe 
and...much much MUCH MUCH more:bademoticon: 
8.What famous person do you want to meet one day?
hm...I dunno! I guess the voice actors ofmy favs!
9.Favorite Disney movie?
Monsters inc!
10. Do you like Kpop?
Yeah it's okay ^^
11. Do you have any fears?
spiders and closed spaces ono 
12. What is your Favorite animal?
dolphins and turtles!
13. Wanna meme? :huehuehue: 
When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) Pearl Emote 20 :bademoticon: Dog Dance (gif animation) Rainbow Trash Dove Green fidget spinner avatar Infinite Shrek :bademoticon: I Love It! 
is that even a question? Nazare Tedesco - Emoticon 

Questions from me:

1. How old are you Hatsune Miku-02 (Winks) 

2. What do youlike most about MMD (im only tagging mmd users lol)

3. Whats the best freaking meme on the planet

4. Favorite Anime

5. Favorite Manga

6. Least favorite youtuber

7. Favorite food?

8. Favorite TV show?

9. What question number is this

10. On a scaleof 1-death how much do you love bleach

11. Ya like jazz?

12. Who's your #1 husbando

13. Who's you #1 waifu

DatKaty Pexxastar-OLD L0v3ly-H0n3sty Czxcz TheKillingDancer 

yeah i have no friends XD thats all my friends and I already know ScarletPotatoSama did this so I wont be r00d and make her do this ohohoho
k byeGIF Steven Universe - Wink 
I mean she stole my original work so-
She knew it was mine so tbh that's rude cuz you just can't claim my work smh boi or girl cuz ur name WAS the anime girl. But, uhm. Oops :')
embedded_item1493665851231 by Alex-MMD-Studios

I'm planing on making a V model cuz I kinda wanna prove that I can be creative and make my own style of V


I need a good, ( preferably TDA ) male base for him. Now I don't want a short base cuz V is my tall husbando and I want him to be taller than me cuz I'm a shortie and V is hot so you know.

It would help a lot > . < ;;

I've tried looking man, I really have T^T 
I got an email from youtube stating that my videos that were reuploaded by the anime girl have been taken down!

ALSO, here are the winners for my raffle !

Prize 1, motion request
-1 song one
-3 vine one

winner: TheKillingDancer !!!
Congrats ! Note me for details about the request uwu
details I need:
vine or song?
if vine, what 3 vines by who ( if you can provide yt links )
what fandom out of these; yansim, mystic messenger, vocaloid or if you want me to use my ocs CX
if song, what song by who?
what fandom is the singer(s) in? ( see fandoms above )

Prize 2, Models
-1 of my models
-A model request ( provide part links )

winner: ladypoodle !!!
Congrats ! Note me which model you'd like and I'll give you a set of rules I expect you to follow ^^
Have fun with whoever you choose!
Note that I made a few more models since this raffle & edited derek so he has a new look if you want to see all my models that wouldn't normally be given out just ask and I'll provide a picture and their names ^^

Prize 3, a lot of tiny random things lol

-Featured in a meme comp or pmv
-If I like your model I'll ask to keep using it <3
( dont feel bad if I dont ask there's always improvement ! I'm still not good at modeling yet lol kms )


-A lovely pose picture from MOI using any mmd characters ( send a note with details <3 )

winner: Czxcz ! haha just like you wanted! LUCKY YOUUU <3

Note me a model you've made and like me to use if you're a PMX/PMD user and if not still note me but details on the pose picture and the people you want in it ( see fandoms above above aBOOOOVE~ )



I forgot to tell you when it started! If you wish to join my raffle you need to post something or repost my raffle post and mention me or I wont see it cuz ye

You can enter twice only so ye

You have to turn all the reposts or whatever before April 20th or so :3

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can someone explain how I rig hair to a head bone cuz I found the cutest hair but it did not follow the head and I was very sad for a solid ten minutes :')))))
  • Listening to: aoba moan track remix...
  • Watching: mmd v butt

1. Smile
2. Love
3. Happy
4. Sad
5. Angry
6. Hatred
7. Betrayal
8. Unexpected
9. Forgiven
10. New arrival
11. Dream land
12. Death
13. Friendship
14. Forbidden love
15. Sunset
16. Sunrise
17. Twilight
18. Spring
19. Summer
20. Autumn
21. Winter
22. Forgotten
23. Alone
24. Scared
25. Fate
26. Luck
27. Skill
28. Pain
29. Injury
30. Lake
31. Sea
32. Beauty
33. Pretty
34. Ugly
35. Revenge
36. Scarred
37. Impossible
38. Evil
39. Angel
40. Devil
41. Sparkles
42. It wasn't me
43. He did it
44. The dog ate it
45. Run away
46. Victim
47. Jealous
48. Male
49. Female
50. On top of the world
51. Feeling good
52. A night under the stars
53. Please go away
54. Running from your problems
55. Sunflower
56. Lily
57. Pretty girl
58. Handsome man
59. Stars
60. Moon
61. Sun
62. Pet
63. Baby
64. Abandoned
65. Sailing
66. Sinking
67. Drowning
68. Saved
69. Hug
70. Kiss
71. Light
72. Dark
73. Heaven
74. Measure
75. Blood
76. No hope
77. Sleeping
78. 99%
79. Light at the end of the tunnel
80. Family
81. Holding my hand
82. Until the end
83. Until tomorrow
84. The sun will come up again
85. Insanity
86. Innocence
87. Depression
88. Got you
89. So this is death
90. So this is heaven
91. So this is hell
92. So this is freedom
93. Freedom
94. Memories
95. Lust
96. Wanting
97. Money
98. Homeless
99. Home
100. Together at last

One everyday...oh boy this'll be long
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Now this is probably a stupid question but does anyone know how to add borders to like a video so I can make easy subtitles without putting text on my video itself?

i know ScarletPotatoSama has them like oh neat ahah
EX: [link]

Thats my jam just a sec let me watch that 5 million times over


*bows to scarlet senpai* you are a smart cookie unlike me sNORT


Effects, I see this one like everywhere but either they said don't ask my effects or ILL SLAP A HOE or they never put it in their disc, can anyone tell me this effect?
ITS HERE: [link] at 0:14

I have a perfect use off it but I can never find it *le sob*

also/// Can you guys maybe find fem jumin & seven like hair/clothes k thx uwu ;;;;


 (i just finished my next video its rendering rn so yeah look forward to that)
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  • Watching: mmd v butt most likely
Oh hello if you clicked this, welcome to my trash hole of a journal

First off,
Thank you for 30+ watchers owo

I honestly post crap so idk how I have so many but oh okay  <3

Second, ive been listening NON STOP to faded by Alan walker so probably expect a motion on it lol. It'll be sucky cuz it'll be mine but still! Look forward to it, I have some of it mapped out in my head.

Zoey has been resurrected!
Big shout out to L0v3ly-H0n3sty for fixing her mostly. We need to figure out her pants lol pmx didnt like me yesterday and I might be too busy to work on her today. The model pack will be up for download once I finish her and test her to make sure she works for you guys!

Thanks for being here  <3
  • Listening to: faded for like the five millionth time
  • Watching: mmd v butt most likely