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He's The Juggernaut,BITCH!

Ha! Ha!

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This is bad ass! I always loved Juggernaut. It's a shame that the closest approximation of him we've seen on the big screen, was in Dead Pool 2. It was like 80% accurate. Although the first X-Men film of him was like 10% it was an improvement. I would love to see Marvel spend the money to make him look like how you painted him in this piece. This art of him is 100% accurate. I love that I can see the details in the metal helmet and the arm braces. You rendered this extremely well. Awesome job!

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I really like the orange rim-light hitting him from the top. It really ads a lot of energy and interest to juggernauts figure. You inspire me to get better.

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Looks awesome! I especially love the detail on his armor~

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Damn, did he hear the McRib is back?
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im the juggernaut bitch

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I'm the Juggernaut bitch lol

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Excellent job on this! :clap:

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