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Commission: Fleeting but Eternal

Commission for: :iconsprtn:

well, over time, in a past play many pointed to Doom's little bunny, and how Doomguy would match this scene.

001 by Alex-kellar yorokobe shounen, your wish has been granted!

Doom belongs to their respective owners.
Rwby belongs to: Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth.
idea for art SPRTN
Art made by me!


Comisión para: :iconsprtn:

bueno, a lo largo del tiempo, en una obra pasada muchos señalaron el pequeño conejito de Doom,
y como Doomguy combinaría con esta escena.

001 by Alex-kellar yorokobe shounen, tu deseo a sido concedido!

Doom pertenece a sus respectivos propietarios.
Rwby pertenece a: Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth.
idea para el arte SPRTN
Arte hecho por mi!

                                                                                Commission- prices and information-                          

  (LV-1) linear art inked,                                                                            (LV-2)  colored inking, full Color.
 ( black and flat gray scale, optional) 
  (per character)                                                                  (per character)   
Busts $ 10   
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MWkillkenny84's avatar

*sees the Warhammer arts* Now for the next level. Primarch Vulkan.

haruau's avatar

Those guys back there are either running out the door (smart!) or are going to try and stop Doomguy (foolish!).

Jet948's avatar

Only demons are stupid enough to be part of Doom Slayer kill count. Humans who have self-preservation know what to do

Alex-kellar's avatar

You got the first guess right!

and they are teammates ... xD

GameVeteran69's avatar

Doomguy: You messed with the wrong bunny-girl, bitch...

Alex-kellar's avatar

Yes, yes he did it.

csxz's avatar

O.O um doomguy ist angry now and for sure this guy will be dead for sure

Alex-kellar's avatar

After some flashback of his bunny, it is possible xD

Band-of-Cobras's avatar

Uh oh, better say your last prayers. Because the Doomguy is not pleased

Alex-kellar's avatar

Bunny being mistreat in front of him? oh yeah, this is gonna get ugly..Heavy Metal Gets Stronger

InvisibleEnenra's avatar

Cardin’s a dead son of a gun.

InvisibleEnenra's avatar

Rip and tear until it is done!!!!

Welp, he's 🦆ed

Alex-kellar's avatar

I think that's a duck.

bruiser128's avatar

Just wondering but is this fanart for GamerJay's RWBY/DOOM crossover?

Alex-kellar's avatar

If I remember correctly, the person who commissioned it was inspired by that fanfic.

bruiser128's avatar

Oh that makes sense.

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