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Commission: Come out come out where ever you are!

Commission for: :iconjimmy-vanechko78:

I'm sure they didn't see it coming xD
The initial idea was from Doomguy and Albedo, but I couldn't help to suggest Isabelle!
They are just a great couple, hahaha.
I hope you like it!

Animal crossing belongs to Nintendo and their respective owners.
Doom belongs to their respective owners.
Overlord belongs to: Kugane Maruyama
idea for art Jimmy-Vanechko78
art made by me!  (~ ̄▽ ̄)~


Comision para: :iconjimmy-vanechko78:

estoy seguro que lo no vieron venir xD
la idea inicial era de Doomguy y Albedo, pero no pude evitar sugerir a Isabelle!
solo son una pareja genial, jajaja.
espero les guste!

Animal crossing pertenece a Nintendo y sus respectivos propietarios.
Doom pertenece a sus respectivos propietarios.
Overlord pertenece a: Kugane Maruyama
idea para el arte Jimmy-Vanechko78
arte hecho por mi!  (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

                                                                                       Commission- prices and information-                          

  (LV-1) linear art inked,                                                                            (LV-2)  colored inking, full Color.
 ( black and flat gray scale, optional) 
  (per character)                                                                  (per character)   
Busts $ 10   
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En tu opinión personal, te gustaría ver a los personajes principales de Overlord en este estado?

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Yo dividiría la respuestas por temporadas. la primeras temporadas?

no, posiblemente no.

¿la tercera donde Ainz mata a un ejercito de miles hombres que querían proteger su hogar y lo toma simplemente como un experimento/juego, y a Gazef de camino?

posiblemente no me importaría. simplemente se convirtió en un villano.

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Doom Guy: Any sign of Albedo? :hmm: Nick - Icon

Isabelle (exicted): She's close by... *sniff* ... HA! I can SMELL her she's so close!Fangirl Flailing Emote :excited: tiger

Albedo (fear-stricken and thinking): OHSHITOHSHITOHSHITOHSHITOHSHITOHSHIT... IG Emoticon- Penny 15 :frightened:

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Hahahaha, all that energy that Isabelle has while tracking, it's adorable xD

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Poor Albedo ... ... ... from all Folks she could have run into ... ... ... :XD:

She had to meet these two ... ... ... ... ... ... HER WORST NIGHTMARE !!! :laughing:

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haha, and there is the video that shows true friendship!

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I also quoted GoblinSlayer from Goblin Slayer Abridged with that "worst Nightmare"-Line :XD: it seems appropriate in this Case. :XD: I know DoomGuy/Slayer doesn't talk very much : but still i see the Similarity between him and GoblinSlayer. :thumbsup: :D

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Normally I’d feel bad but she completely deserves this.

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Pretty sure many People's Pity-well has dried out. (>.>) :XD:

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That would be karma, uh?

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Oh she is fucked on soooooooo many levels here xD

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I'd like to think that this is "Albedo's Blood" there on Isabelle's Ear and that SHE was the one who shot Albedo's left Wing off :XD: Albedo most likely underestimated these two harshly and tried to kill them up close, probably Melee -> where Isabelle's Weapon was to close so Albedo couldn't dodge it's Shot anymore. :XD:

Never played Animal-crossing, but i bet Isabelle is as happy and cheerful as a little Girl on a Picnic Trip. :laughing:

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Isabelle is a chipper and cheerful deputy mayor in every animal crossing game she's been in. Sooo....yep that's her xD

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If the slayer finds here, she meets her end and is Ainz respawns her at the Dungeon.If Isabelle finds her, one conversation later, and she'll be eager to tell her everything she wants to know, not mind control or anything like that, but Isabelle having role-play skills that were worthless in a fight in the game, but with the world now real, Diplomacy, Negotiation, Haggle, Befriend, Quick-Chat (ignore penalties for using verbal skills during battle), Greater Alliance Maker, etc. Her strange charms to the inhabitants of the world in her own way make her more scary than the Slayer!

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Well, complementing what the other lacks, that's a good team xD

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I could see Ainz thinking that the Slayer was a fellow Max-level player (depending on what stats he has and how cheat codes would be interpreted) who is a hardcore powergamer with anger issues. While Ainz has a character-driven and magic-versatile build, the Slayer would be a very-much clear-cut max-combat stats guy. It's also canon IIRC that whenever the Slayer dies ingame, he is brought back to continue fighting, so even if Ainz's insta-kill spells work on him, that won't be much of a saving measure. No lie I would pay to see a scene where Ainz sees the slayer and recognizes the Praetor suit as a special limited edition exclusive completionist skin from a special classic (classic in the sense that Overlord's human world is in like the 2160s or something) crossover event that Yggdrasil had when he was still just a gamer. It would be perfect.

As for how far the Slayer would get into Nazarick, that depends on how Doom's physics work in Overlord, or if they meet in some kind of shared universe. Because no matter how many elite special units and summoned monsters Nazarick summons, assuming that Doom's physics still remain, the Slayer can take his time slaughtering Nazarick's entire military since he can use his enemies to replenish armor, health and ammunition. The higher-level servants and creatures such as Elder liches would just be that to the Slayer: higher-level mooks. The various area guardians will be taken care of sooner or later, followed by the Floor Guardians. The only people from the top of my head that the Slayer would not hate would be Sebas (for his moral stats), Cocytus (as an honorable warrior), Nigredo and Rubedo (since they never really move from their secluded areas) and Mare (given his degree of genuine innocence at times by being reluctant or nervous when told to do horrible things. He only does it out of loyalty to Ainz). The various subjugated parties (Hamsuke, the Lizardmen, Jircniv, etc) he wouldn't attack unless provoked first, as they are not his concern (being non-demonic/non-evil-aligned beings).

The Slayer will fight his way through the various territories, outposts, then floors of Nazarick, and he might get gameplay tips and visual cues on how to beat various troops and servants of Nazarick via VEGA hacking into the defense system (which Nazarick has, since Albedo, Pandora's Actor and a few others have been shown to use holographic huds for stuff and it should be easy considering the divine statue of VEGA). He might even rally the support, no matter how temporary, of other nations for the opportunity to get back at Nazarick for whatever reason. The Slaine Theocracy especially would have a field day with propaganda, touting the Doom Slayer as a divine incarnation of the righteous wrath of faithful humanity. I think the Slayer would accept their help for the time baing out of pragmatism but do aomething about them after Nazarick and the other evil beings are dealt with due to their political/general corruption. There's also that asshole evil abusive elf lord whose name I forgot. The dragon lord might also see the Salyer in an "enemy of my enemy" manner, so there's that.

Then comes his fight with the Floor Guardians. According to the lore, each FG has enchantments and defensive stats that make them totally immune to all unenchanted projectiles and heavy resistance against magic attack, so likely the only things the Slayer could use are the Ballista, BFG, and Unmaykr (due to their exotic power sources). Meathook, blood punches, doomblade and crucible would work as well. Shalltear would be seen as am obnoxious cross of a maykr and an archvile that can steal life (like a certain other character you would know if you finished the 2nd DLC), with the final glory kill being ripping off her wings and smashing her head with her own lance. Cocytus would be fought with lots of flame belches and possibly a duel involving the Crucible to take out his weapon arms one by one. The glory kill would be the Slayer decapitating him and giving him a warrior's death. Aura and Mare would be dealt with by the Slayer simply slugging his way through the hordes of monsters and attacks they dish out until he reaches them or they teleport. Assuming they can't do that (maybe VEGA jams the magic signal or whatever) I think that the Slayer would try to make their ends as painless as possible (Mare especially). Since Isabelle is here, maybe she could kill them. Gargantua would be a less-dangerous version of the Icon of Sin fight IMO, and Victim, well, he would be able to destroy the slayer using his special ability but the Slayer would just get back up. If he killed Isabelle, though? Well, then that only makes the Slayer more of a problem because then it will be personal. Demiurge would likely face the Slayer alongside all of the Pleiades, which should make for a very interesting boss fight as they use their specific strengths to complement each other. Eventually though, the Slayer will win and Demiurge's death would be by far the most brutal of everyone in Nazarick as the Slayer could probably instinctually tell how absolutely EVIL Demiurge is, or VEGA would tell him. I should mention that the Slayer would probably carry those blue Sentinel tokens and slam them on any unique or particularly-powerful enemy he finds (Area and Flood Guardians) to prevent resurrection shenanigans (though they may be World items that can overrule this). The fight with Sebas would be a manly shounen fistfight to the death, accept no substitutes, with blood punches and berserk mode aplenty.

As for Albedo herself, her armor has a feature where each of its 3 layers can take any single hit, I think at least. So like if you had a Death Star and hit her with it, it would break the armor's outer later, then you need to hit her 2 more times to destroy her armor and only then can you kill her. The fight between her and the Doom Slayer would be a matter of waiting to strike like a Marauder fight (she has a bardiche, which looks enough like an axe and a shield in the LNs) or it would be a matter of the Slayer having to constantly be on the attack (preferably using the Crucible at point-blank due to Albedo's speed and flight in addition to her tankiness) until he overcomes her. Albedo's end would be a mix of Blood Mayker (rip the wings off) and Cyberdemon (bashing with her own horns) most likely. Sorry Albedo, but you're not making it out of this one even with your World item.

The other substantially less-exciting, but higher-stakes and more-logical alternative would be that Ainz gathers all of his guardians in the throne room and equips them with as many buffs, effects and World items that he can spare and empty the treasury and library for everything and anything to use against the Slayer to hold him off and analyze his fighting patterns, strengths and weaknesses, etc. Once the Slayer is bogged down, EVERYONE Ainz has gathered will gang up on the Slayer in a coordinated attack all at once. The major unknown (assuming the lore that the Slayer gets back up after dying every time) in this battle would be the World idems (since I think those are the only way that Nazarick could get rid of the slayer for good). The most logical one to use would be [Depiction of Nature and Society], which Aura has and can be used to seal the Slayer in a pocket dimension forever. Though, knowing the Slayer, VEGA might be able to open a portal for him to travel to different dimensions in time. There are some other World items that Nazarick has whose effects have not been revealed, but the main concerning ones, [Downfall of Castle and Country] that can mind-control even indomitable entities and [Longinus] that deletes the target wholly from time and space at the cost of sacrificing the user, but neither of those are in the possession of Nazarick. Alternatively, Ainz could just teleport everything and everyone he deems as critical to anywhere in the base and simply lead the Doom Slayer on an endless back and forth, though VEGA can open portals for the Slayer to use, too. It depends on how long it takes for the Slayer to find them. Still, I would like to see a fight between all the guardians with max buffs and World items vs a maxed-out slayer with all the cheat codes somehow working together. That would be glorious.

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Also Isabelle is a beast-folk type race, between monsters and humanoids on the social order (meant to balance out monsters having inherent better stats), which makes her status as the Slayer's companion throwing things even more for a loop.

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I imagine the Slayer's special abilities would center around vampirism healing and snowball stat increases. The Slayer's steamrolling literally feeding on his own success.

Child soldiers are not something the slayers has had to face, (something no one should have to face), he may just destroy their staffs and break their arms so they can't cast magic.

Isabelle might not object to Doomy doing what needs to be done against demons of Hell who can't be negotiated or bargained with, but I do imagine she's going for non-lethal methods if available against Ainz's far more reasonable generals.

I can actually imagine her stats and abilities being heavily roleplay heavy with support stats she invested in to help Doomy, being his weapons and ammo mule when need be... and actually gathering a reputation of being in her own way more terrifying than the Slayer. The Slayer will crush your bones and rend your flesh. One conversation with Isabelle, and you'll suddenly wonder why the heck you ever wanted to fight her at all, and why wouldn't you want to join her happy little commune? And of course you'll gladly tell her everything she wants to know, she's your best pal after all. Due to Diplomacy, Negoiation, etc, Skills she has maxed out that were useless for killing stuff in the game, and were at best useful for interacting with NPCs ... but now that those rules are applied to a world where all are thinking rational beings... her abilities become terrifying...

I imagine the Slayer can't reanimate on the spot, but has to resurrect from a spot where he'd be safe to gather his wits. Or at least reanimated some distance away from the enemy who killed him last. Possibly Isabelle's commune since all the effects in place make it a Safe Zone where violence is impossible. Making it a war of who breaks first.

Could be after the Slayer's first rampage, Ainz realizes that trying to wear him down is pointless and has his court retreat and indeed try to gang up on all at once.

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Trying to wear the Slayer down or psychologically break him would be pretty much impossible, considering that he has been in Hell (which time works kind of weird due to it being a vampiric multiverse in of itself) for literal eons, meaning billions of years of slaughtering experience from his POV.

As for Isabelle, she could use her diplomatic skills and racial existence to kind of cast confusion and morale debuffs on enemies, while also allowing the Slayer to effectively due 2 weapons simultaneously (since this pic assumes she has at least enough strength to use the BFG).

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Sorry Ainz, this is one mortal man that you aren't going to one-move-KO. The rebel angels themselves quiver at his name.

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Every time the Slayer dies ingame and uses an extra life or saves from a previous point, the lore interprets it as his ability to resurrect after death to continue his eternal crusade of ripping and tearing demons. So even if Ainz uses instant-death attacks and the WORK, that's not going to be much of a win.

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Ah, true enough, it won't be as easy as the battles he has had so far.

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I imagine he's closer to level 90 or higher with an explicit anti-demon and some anti-undead build.

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