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At Dawn

By alex-ichim
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Personal project painting.
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Good to see such detailed artwork, i'm glad that people pur so many attention at them.
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"Ok, who locked the damn keys in the ship?"

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I love your space vehicle!!
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How did you design that shit?!
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It's tied down, that's cool.
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Holy balls... this is one of the best I've seen! Love the details and colour! Keep up the good work! Check out my tanks! They may interest you too! :D
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Nice design. I like the used future stuff more than shiny things.
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Hi Shaun! Check out my gallery! There's a tank that might interest you! :D
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im having a lot of fun
btw you're a fat cat
if you were my cat i would only feed you carrots
go on a diet you chubby dog

lel jk
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yes i know im so good
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Awesome. Just awesome!
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bow down to me you simple peasant and adore my angelic art

i am the greates best goodest art maker 4 ever #balzwijn= pro
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I need to start drawing more stuff like this :U 

but making ships that look like they work is rather hard 8I 
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Space Taliban
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the fok u talkn about m8
betr shut u cheeky lil muoth befor i rek u laik a cunt
lel ur a lil gey boi i cud own u irl 1v1 come fite me
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