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  • Listening to: Recoil
  • Reading: Eagle day by Robert Muchanmore
  • Watching: Doctor Who
  • Playing: Mario Party 8 (forever!)
  • Eating: Fairtrade chocolate
  • Drinking: Chocolate milkshake
In other news...
Still working on a series of character watercolour and discovering the pit falls of using such a temperamental medium
still writing their story and I could try and do some short comics soon-ish
In the mean time... COFA :)
  • Listening to: Recoil
  • Reading: Eagle day by Robert Muchanmore
  • Watching: Doctor Who
  • Playing: Mario Party 8 (forever!)
  • Eating: Fairtrade chocolate
  • Drinking: Chocolate milkshake
Finally :) Very different from before
Goals for this year:
Create a comic then self publish (I have heaps of pages planned out already, just need to kick myself)
Work on portfolio
Finish website
Create digital art
Become an illustrator (Ambitious much?)
Get work experience (Already getting so at Playschool as part of their prop department)
Update dev art once every blue moon


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  • Watching: Danny Phantom
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  • Eating: Chocolate :D
  • Drinking: Milkshake
Just an idea I'm thinking up, just getting a hole lot of people together to make comics and art and stuff to raise awareness about dominate ethical issues like fair wear, slavery, racism, poverty and other ethical issues that people may want to raise awareness about. And to show people that they can make a difference and what steps to take. Then people could put together movements and even pensions and stuff. I may even try to get a website. :P


Anyway, if any one is interested, talk to me or send me a note and maybe something can happen. :D


Artist with a mission!
  • Listening to: Kyriptonite
  • Watching: Danny Phantom
  • Playing: With my dog???
  • Eating: Chocolate :D
  • Drinking: Milkshake
Well, exams are over, I got my tablet and I am starting on a project. I wanna work out which style of colouring I like best so I am making an ID pic and colouring it in heaps of different styles. hopefully one will come out well...
I GOT IT!!! :D Finally, cept...
I got exams so I can't use it at all... No time, must study...
Kill me...

Oh well

Once the exams are over in like a month or two...

Till then
Bleh, I go the idea, I know the story line, I got the characters... I just don't know where to start!!!!

Bleh! Anyway, I am gonna do a practice comic inspired by Tazi-san. Great artist and yeah. It's gonna be in pencil and I am not sure if I will post it. I got alot of things I might post it's just thier refrences and arn't very neat but meh. I'll do it like tommorow!
I am trying to change my avater but nothing happens, its driving me insane!!!
Whats wrong? I submited it and I tried to change it in the profile but nothings happening... Annoying.
Hey, Easter Monday here in Oz, cold day even though the sun was shinning, the usal.
Anyway, on Sunday I went to help out with a special Easter march with setting up speakers and stuff. And we had to go there early (about 9 - 9:30 am) To set up for the march at 2pm... Spent all day watching the speakers, its was sorta fun and I got to finish the Narnia books on CD while I was there...

But once they were finished I got board so I decided to draw.

I drew a Dagon guarding a whole lot of sound gear. Its really good and I can't wait to upload it but when I was doing the pencil I smuged it really bad so I had to ink and now I gotta wait for the ink to dry and rest my pen cause if you ink countiousl with the pen it ends up just not working.

You gotta rest it. Stupid thing, I'll get a new one soon but money is the key issue, I despreatly want a graphics tablet and every dollar counts.

So anyway I was wondering what everyone did for mony, I mean high school people who can't get good jobs. If you got any ideas please send me a note...

K well I'll post the dragon pic a.s.a.p!

Yeah, I am gonna update way more stuff but coming up to easter i'll have way more time!
Anyway, I put a funny animation for my webcam.
Just submitting more stuff, oh and starting the comic... Exciting but only typing up storyline and rough sketches won't publish it till I get me graphics tablet and can colour digitally, or I might. Who knows...
Just moved some stuff to scraps...:flirty:
Hey another update, I felt I should share which shows I am obsessed in...
Sonic X
Faerie odd parents
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who doesn't love em??? Guess what I found out, 2 new seasons that I have missed, you might not have but you might not live in Australia, have no pay TV and not be allowed to watch tmnt in the morning!!!!!!!!! I don't know what I'll do... For some reason I felt like listing seasons 3 + 4, enjoy...
Episode 53  The Christmas Aliens  
Episode 54  Space Invaders Part One  
Episode 55  Space Invaders Part Two  
Episode 56  Space Invaders Part Three  
Episode 57  Worlds Collide Part One  
Episode 58 Worlds Collide Part Two
Episode 59 Worlds Collide Part Three
Episode 60 Touch and Go
Episode 61 Hunted  
Episode 62 H.A.T.E.
Episode 63 Nobody's Fool  
Episode 64 New Blood  
Episode 65 The Lesson  
Episode 66 The Darkness Within
Episode 67 Mission of Gravity
Episode 68 The Entity Below
Episode 69  Time Travails  
Episode 70 Hun on the Run
Episode 71 Reality Check  
Episode 72 Across the Universe
Episode 73 Same As It Never Was
Episode 74 The Real World Part One
Episode 75 The Real World Part Two
Episode 76 Bishop's Gambit  
Episode 77 Exodus Part One
Episode 78 Exodus Part Two

SEASON FOUR - 2005/2006
Episode 79  Cousin Sid  
Episode 80 The People's Choice
Episode 81 Wing and a Prayer
Episode 82 Sons of the Silent Age
Episode 83 Dragon's Brew  
Episode 84 I, Monster
Episode 85 Grudge Match  
Episode 86 All Hallows Thieves
Episode 87 Bad Day  
Episode 88 Aliens Among Us
Episode 89 Dragons Rising  
Episode 90 Still Nobody  
Episode 91 Samurai Tourist  
Episode 92 The Ancient One
Episode 93 Scion of the Shredder
Episode 94 Prodigal Son
Episode 95 Outbreak
Episode 96 The Trouble With Augie
Episode 97 A Tale of Master Yoshi
Episode 98 Return of Savanti, Part I
Episode 99 Return of Savanti, Part II

Anyway, if you have seen any of these episodes, consider yourself really lucky, I heard it's the best season yet!

P.s My Fav Turtle is Don:tmnt4:
Hey everyone :juggle:
Yeah, I've submitted some pics of my dog Marcel and a few random sketches, I got some good stuff it just takes a while to scan in, but it's getting there.
Sooo Way more to some!
But anyway, I am soon gonna get Photoshop pro (student edition) and a graphics tablet so I'm excited!!!
Oh and something I learned this week, I should never go camping where there are too many mozzies, yeah, I got eaten alive... Now I am soooo itchy but I went to the doctor and got some anti-itch cream...
Well that's about all
Hey, Names Alex and I am just starting in digital art. Two problems thought, I have no tablet nor any art programs though I an saving up and as a high school student in Aus. Thats hard. I do baby sitting and I am gonna start to do 3d tours of houses for real estates to earn the money.
But for now I am just gonna put up penciled sketches I like and stuff just for the heck of it. And maybe one day I can redo them digitally but for now your stuck with my pencil work.
I am working on a comic to but who know when I'll get round to it.
And yeah....